Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"The Big Question" Recap

  • Jim Bob, Jill, and Derick browse through a busy shopping district in Nepal to buy souvenirs. "Everybody's always trying to sell you something," says Jill
  • While buying purses for Jill's sisters, Jim Bob pulls his daughter aside and asks an important question: "How do you think it's going with you-know-who over there?" Jill says she thinks it's going well and that she has really enjoyed getting to know Derick in person.
  • When Jill asks Jim Bob what he thinks of her potential suitor, Jim Bob's answer is vague, although he has already given Derick permission to ask Jill to begin a courtship. "I like him," said Jim Bob. "I think your mom will really like him.
  • Meanwhile, Dericks slips away to buy a heart necklace. 
  • Derick and the Duggars get a lift to the Monkey Temple in a tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled taxi. The ride only costs 20 cents. Jim Bob jokes that if Derick and Jill's relationship continues to progress, they might "have a lot of monkeys" one day.
  • Jill, a student midwife, volunteers at a birthing center in Katmandu, Nepal. She examines a woman who is 36 weeks pregnant and is hearing her baby's heartbeat for the first time. Jill hopes to work as a missionary someday and provide medical care to women and babies.  
  • Meanwhile, Jim Bob conquers his fear and gets a traditional Nepali shave with Derick.
  • Does Jill prefer seeing Derick with or without a beard? She says he looks good both ways but that she likes a little facial hair.
  • Back home in Arkansas, James teaches Michelle how to use a slingshot, and Jinger shows Joy-Anna how to make bread. Joy plans to make bread for the family once a week, which used to be Jinger's jurisdiction. 
  • Over video conferencing, the three travelers catch up with Michelle and a few of the Duggar girls. When Derick asks Jill's family if there is anything he should know about her, Jessa chimes in: "She is one of the more emotional ones in the family. She's very sympathetic, very carrying."
  • The next day, just as Jim Bob and Jill are loading their bags into a taxi and heading for the airport, Derick pulls Jill aside. "If it's alright with you, I'm interested in starting an official courtship," he says. How does Jill respond? "Yeah, that would be awesome. Totally."
  • Derick presents his girlfriend with a heart necklace made of emerald, Jill's birthstone.
  • "Your whole life, we've prayed for a godly man for you, and we had to come 8,000 miles to find him, but here he is," Jim Bob says to his daughter. "You're a great young man," he tells Derick. "God bless your work."
  • Derick looks forward to meeting the rest of the Duggars when he returns home to Arkansas in two-and-a-half months.

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