Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Friday, July 31, 2015

Meet Jessa!


Jessa was a guest at three Southern Women's Shows earlier this year and is preparing to attend four additional shows this fall. Join Jessa as she answers questions from the audience, signs autographs, and takes photos with guests.

Charlotte, North Carolina
Charlotte Convention Center, Hall A
Saturday, August 29th
Fashion and Entertainment Stage
Click here to purchase tickets online 

Orlando, Florida
Orange County Convention Center, North Concourse
Saturday, September 26th
Fashion and Entertainment Stage
Click here to purchase tickets online 

Birmingham, Alabama
Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex
Saturday, October 10th
Fashion and Entertainment Stage
Click here to purchase tickets online 

Jacksonville, Florida
Prime Osborn Convention Center
Saturday, October 17th
Fashion and Entertainment Stage
Click here to purchase tickets online

Ticket Information (Online)
Adults: $10.00 each
Youth (ages 6-12)$5.00 or $6.00 (varies per show)
Group: (10 or more; Advance Only) $7.00 or $8.00 (varies per show)
Children Under 6 FREE with Paying Adult

*Ben will accompany Jessa at each show.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

More pictures of Meredith Grace

A few days ago Anna and Josh welcomed their fourth child; second daughter Meredith Grace. Here are a few more pictures of her...

(Meredith with a family friend) 


Isn't she sweet?! Hope you all enjoyed these pictures! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy 31st Anniversary Michelle and JimBob!

Happy 31st Anniversary Michelle and JimBob! You both are amazing parents and grandparents!! You are an amazing example of a Godly couple to your kids and those who look up to you!! We hope you have an amazing day!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Welcome to the World Meredith Grace!

Welcome to the world Meredith Grace Duggar! Congratulations to Anna and Josh on the birth of their fourth child (Second daughter),also to very proud grand-parents Michelle and JimBob, A proud big sister ( Mackynzie) and big brothers (Micheal and Marcus) and a whole lot of proud Aunts and Uncles!! 

One month before Mackynzie was born, Meredith Vieira from NBC's TODAY Show jokingly requested that Josh and Anna name their first child after her. "Obviously I would love that," said Vieira. "It would make me a very happy person," 

Meredith is absolutely beautiful and a gift from God!! We will post more pictures as soon as we can! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

It's Not to Late to Support the Duggars

As of yesterday TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting. However, there is still time to support the Duggars and urge TLC to rethink their decision!

Sign the potion to show your support for the Duggars, post a comment on our blog explaining why you want 19 Kids and Counting to stay on air. Here is the link to sign the potion: Support The Duggars!

As we said yesterday we will continue blogging for both Bates and Duggars as usual.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

19 Kids and Counting Update:

Please go to the link below to see the Duggar Family statements about the show. http://www.duggarfamily.com/2015/7/duggar-family-statement.  

We have been watching the show since "14 Kids and Pregnant again"  to now "19 Kids and Counting", We have seen the births of Jackson, Johanna, Jenifer, Jordyn, Josie's tragic birth, Mackynzie, Micheal, Marcus and Israel, We have seen the heart breaking experience or Grandpa Duggar's death and the miscarriage of Jubilee. We have seen Josh propose to Anna, Derick propose to Jill and Ben propose to Jessa. We have seen all three of their weddings and seen the closeness of the sister through the girls weddings! We have seen the little ones grow up and Joy step up to the plate as her older sister's move out. Through all of this we have gotten to know and love this family. 

Please tell TLC we want them back. 

Yes,even though the show might stop we will continue to blog about the girls and their lives as much as possible! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Past Due Date and 24 Weeks

Anna is now three days past her due date. Which is okay because Jill went thirteen days past her due date! Be in prayer for her as she approaches having her precious baby girl!  Josh and Anna have decided that they will not announce the baby's name until she is born. We do know that the name will start with "M" it is rumored that the baby's name will be Michelle after Josh's mother but that is just a rumor. What do you think the name will be?

Jessa is now twenty-four weeks along in her pregnancy. She and Ben have confirmed that they know the baby's gender but will not be announcing it until the baby is born. I know we all really want to know what it is but whether it be boy or girl it will be a blessing! Are you team boy or team girl?


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Goodbye to Jill and Derick

We hope you enjoy this precious video of The Duggar Family as they pray for Jill, Derick and Baby Israel before they head out on their journey to be missionaries . This is a huge step for their little family! Please be in prayer for them as they make this journey! If you are interested in supporting them go to  http://dillardfamily.com/2015/6/our-new-ministry and see how you can help!