Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Recap: "Family Dinner" and "Nesting and Room Re-Do"

19 Kids and Counting "Family Dinner"

  • The Duggar boys help Jessa and Ben unload their "new-to-them" furniture. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick head to Washington D.C. to visit Josh and Anna. Josh plans to teach Derick a thing or two about parenting.
  • When the Dillards arrive in D.C., Josh and Derick take Mackynzie, Michael, and Marcus shopping to buy food for dinner. Derick learns how to buckle the kids into their car seats.
  • "Right now I can't imagine shopping with this many kids on my own someday," says Derick, as Mackynzie and Michael run through the aisles saying, "Daddy, Daddy, we need this!" But Derick knows he will adapt to fatherhood when Baby Dilly arrives.
  • Josh and Derick prepare dinner, and the ladies love it. "Josh and I and the kids had a blast with Jill and Derick," says Anna.
  • Jill and Anna, who are both expecting, enjoy talking about pregnancy. The ladies write out encouraging Bible verses and quotes and organize them onto an inspiration board to read from during labor.
  • Back in Arkansas, Jessa makes her first meal as a married woman. "I'm not the best cook," says the new bride. "It's just my tradition to burn something. It just wouldn't be a proper meal if I didn't scorch something a little bit."
  • After preheating the oven, she opens the door and realizes she was cooking the owner's manual. She also uses a hammer in place of a meat tenderizer. But despite her unconventional methods, Jessa's meal is a big hit. Her hubby loves it.

19 Kids and Counting "Nesting and Room Re-Do"
  • The seven Duggar girls still living at home prepare to remodel their room, which has had yellow walls since the Duggars built the house almost ten years ago. They want to give it a more mature feel. Cindy, Michelle's best friend from childhood, comes over to help. They settle on burnt orange, dark gray, and light gray for paint colors.
  • Jim Bob says the girls' room is his favorite room in the house because it is bright and cheerful. He tries to convince his daughters to leave the pained tree and horse, but the girls insist on covering them up.
  • In D.C., Josh and Anna take their kids to an appointment with their midwife, Marsha Jackson, at BirthCare. Marsha has delivered more than 3,000 babies. Mackynzie and Michael love being able to hear the baby's heartbeat. Josh and Anna admit they are nervous about not having family around for the birth.
  • Michelle, Jill, and Jessa meet up to shop for Baby Dilly's nursery furniture. "Jill is expecting her first child, and I am so excited to be a grandma again," says Michelle.
  • Grandma Duggar and Jana take care of the kids while Jim Bob and Michelle are in Chicago for a meeting. Josie has a seizure, and Grandma Duggar calls 9-1-1 while Jana and Scott, the Duggars' director and photographer, carry out the instructions given by the dispatcher.
  • Josie seizes for about ten minutes before the paramedics arrive. Jana jumps in the ambulance and heads to the hospital with her youngest sister. "It makes your heart drop," says Michelle, as she remembers the moment she found out that Josie had had a seizure. "You just feel so incapable of doing anything."
  • Because of her premature birth, Josie has had several seizures, which are brought on when her temperature spikes.
  • Doctors are able to get Josie's fever under control, and they send her home. By the next day, she is as good as new. Jim Bob and Michelle return from Chicago, and Josie runs and gives them a big hug. "Reuniting with my parents was amazing," says Jana. "I was so glad to have them back."

In-case y'all haven't heard Nepal had a major earth quake a few days ago. If you watched the Duggars about two seasons ago then you know that Jill and Derick first met in Nepal. Please be in prayer for the people in Nepal. To find out how you can help go to tlc.com/helpnepal .

Monday, April 27, 2015

Josie's Favorite Song

We have decided to start this thing where each week we post a Duggar Girls Favorite Song, Bible Verse and Bible Character! Today is Miss Josie's!! Her favorite song is "Jesus Loves Me", Her favorite Bible Verse is John 3:16 and her favorite Bible Character is Jonah         

Bible Verse: 

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Duggar Girls Get Princess Treatment!

Recently, the 5 oldest Duggar Girls (Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger & Joy-Anna), along with Michelle, were asked by People Magazine to be in a magazine titled: "Most Beautiful."  Here are some photos of them!

P.S. Sorry for the bad quality of photos...:(

Jessa's 13th Week of Pregnancy!

To celebrate Jessa's 13th week of pregnancy, here are some more maternity photos!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

European Honeymoon Reacap

  • About 10 days after their wedding, Jessa and Ben head to Europe. Jessa has been overseas twice, but Ben has only been to Central America.
  • First stop: Paris France
  • "It's just like everything you imagined," says Jessa when they arrive in Paris. "It's that awesome and more."
  • At dinner the first night, the waiter brings a plate of snails for the Seewalds to sample. Ben tries them and says they aren't too bad, but Jessa tells her husband she has a weak stomach.
  • When the Seewalds climb the Eiffel Tower, Jessa encourages Ben to face his fear of heights by walking out on a glass platform. "I never thought I would actually be here in Paris," says Jessa.
  • On their last day in Paris, Jessa and Ben visit the Love Lock Bridge. Ben pulls out a padlock with their names engraved on it, and the couple locks it to the bridge and throws the key in the river.
  • Next stop: Rome, Italy
  • The newlyweds kick off their visit to Italy with a cooking lesson. The chef greets them with kisses on the cheek, catching Jessa and Ben off guard. "The Bible says to greet everybody with a holy kiss, but we don't do that in Arkansas," jokes Jim Bob, adding commentary to the honeymoon episode.
  • The highlight of the cooking lesson is learning to make pasta noodles from scratch.
  • When it is time to travel to their final destination, the Seewalds are forced to navigate an Italian train station. They have a difficult time finding the correct train.
  • While Jessa sleeps, Ben studies for his online classes. He is about to graduate with an associate's degree and hopes to do ministry work.
  • Last stop: Venice, Italy
  • When the Seewalds arrive in Venice, they are overwhelmed by the city's beauty. They stumble upon a big, open square, where they attempt to feed a vicious flock of pigeons. Then they browse a vintage clothing store and try on a bunch of outfits. They end up buying a couple hats as souvenirs. 
  • Jessa and Ben end their honeymoon with a boat ride through the canals of Venice. "It has been a good, quality time together, making memories that will last for the rest of our life," says Jessa.
  • Back in Arkansas, Jim Bob and the kids renovate Jessa and Ben's house. The Duggar Dad has plans to re-brick the fireplace as a surprise for his daughter and son-in-law. The boys start off working on the fireplace, while the girls redo the cabinets. Then Jim Bob instructs them to switch jobs so the kids can learn as many skills as possible.
  • "The renovations are coming along, but there is still a lot to do," says Michelle. "I hope we can get it done before Ben and Jessa come home."
  • Later, Michelle, Jana, Jill, Jinger, and Joy visit a thrift store to buy decorations for Jessa's house. "Jessa is the main decorator in our family," says Joy. "I am kind of scared that she is not going to like what we got her." The Duggar ladies only buy a few picture frames and decorations, as they know Jessa will want to do most of the decorating.
  • Anna takes a pregnancy test while she and Josh are staying at Jill and Derick's house. Jill films her sister-in-law breaking the news to Josh and the kids.
  • Jessa and Ben are surprised when they return from their honeymoon and walk through the door of their newly renovated home. Jim Bob and Michelle and the kids are all in the living room waiting for their arrival. "The rock work they did on there, that was over the top," says Jessa, as she admires the fireplace. 
  • The Duggars have Bible time together before Josh and Anna leave. Jim Bob shares how blessed he feels to have such a large, loving family and counts up all the members. Anna chimes in: "Actually, there is one more on the way." Everyone is thrilled to find out that Josh and Anna are expecting Baby #4. (Update: It's a girl!)
  • "This is the multiplication process now, and it's so exciting for us," says Michelle. 
Jessa and Ben share an announcement of their own at the end of the episode. Jessa is 12 weeks pregnant with Baby Seewald!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Jessa is pregnant! She is nearing her second trimester and her due date is November first! That is their anniversary! How sweet is that? Here is the link to people magazine: http://www.people.com/article/jessa-duggar-seewald-pregnant-expecting-first-child-ben

Congratulations to Jessa and Ben!!! We can't meet your little baby!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Baby Israel Photos!

                                              Here are some more photos of Baby Israel!

Jill's 70-Hour Labor!

Members of the Duggar family have had their picture on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine more than nine times. This week is Israel David Dillard's first appearance. We have included a few highlights below, but you can read the full article by visiting your local news stand starting this Friday.

Jill and Derick Dillard had been planning for a home birth with a team of midwives, but the newlywed couple experienced complications and ended up having a hospital birth. Jill had been in labor for 70 hours when Israel David Dillard was finally born via emergency C-section.
Twelve days past her due date, Jill's water broke and she tested positive for strep B. She began labor at home, but she and Derick decided to head to the hospital after 20 hours of labor had yielded little progress. Jill, who is trained in midwifery, also noticed a meconium stain, which often indicates that the baby is in distress. After arriving at the hospital, Jill continued with natural labor for another 50 hours, but by that time, it was clear that little Israel was in distress. Jill and Derick decided to go  ahead with a C-section. Throughout their difficult delivery, the couple continued to pray. Although the road was hard, their story had a happy ending, and Jill told PEOPLE that Israel is worth all the pain and discomfort that she endured.

Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday....
Ms. Johannah has grown a lot in the past few years!

Johannah Faith 2007

Johannah Faith 2015

Birthdate: October 11, 2005
Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 18
Favorite Bible Character: Joseph
Favorite Song: Amazing Grace
Favorite Episode: Lights, Cameras, Duggars
Jurisdiction: Cleaning Tables & Floors
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Past-Time: Playing with siblings & friends
Favorite Family Trip: Visiting the Bates
Future Plans: Be a Doctor

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Duggar I Do" Recap

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Say I Do"
  • It's time to look back at the most memorable moments of the Duggar weddings.
  • Jill and Jessa both sent out 800-900 invitations because they didn't want to exclude anyone.
  • To keep costs down so they could have an extravagant European honeymoon, Jessa and Ben ordered supplies and clothing online and reused a lot of Jill's decorations.
  • Ben forgot Jessa's ring on their wedding day and had to call Jim Bob. Being the jokester that he is, the Duggar Dad handed Ben the wrong ring at first, and Ben was quite confused.
  • With Derick's mom in the hospital receiving cancer treatments during Jill and Derick's engagement, Jill wanted to be there to support her fiancé and future mother-in-law. Jill's sisters stepped in and took on a lot of the wedding planning.
  • All through Jill and Derick's wedding ceremony, Michelle was motioning to Jennifer, Jordyn, Josie, and Mackynzie, who were sitting on the stage, each holding one word of a "Here Comes Your Bride" sign, to sit still and stay quiet. "They kept the crowd entertained," said Jim Bob.
  • Josh and Anna tried to keep their wedding as cheap as possible. Their invitations didn't all match, but they made sure their relatives received the same design. Anna wore her sister's bridal gown, and she made her veil and bridesmaid dresses.
  • If you watched Josh and Anna's wedding, you may remember that John-David forgot the rings and had to run out of the church in the middle of the ceremony.
  • During an interview, while Jackson is joking about the pranks he will play at Justin's wedding, TLC asks Justin what pranks he will play on Jackson. "I don't know, maybe take his girl," says Justin, sounding quite serious.
  • Jim Bob and Michelle's wedding was also planned on a strict budget. While their kids have had short engagements (about three months), the Duggar parents waited a little longer to tie the knot. Jim Bob proposed on Christmas Eve, and they married on July 21st. Michelle made her bouquet and the cake, and the wedding was very small.
  • Jim Bob and Michelle renewed their vows 25 years later with a wedding ceremony that all the kids were involved in.
  • At the end of the episode, the Duggar couples play a game of How Well Do You Know Your Spouse. Turns out, Jim Bob doesn't know the color of his wife's toothbrush...
  • Three weddings down and 16 to go! Josiah is the only kid who is courting, so his wedding could very well be next.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Baby Dillard Photos!

                                      Grandma Michelle (Jill's Mother) holding Baby Israel!
Baby Israel with Uncle Dan Dillard (Derick's Brother)!

Record-Breaking Baby!

Israel David Dillard, born Monday, April 6th, at 11:49pm, will go down in history.  Israel weighed 9 lbs. 10 oz. (4.37 kilograms) and was 23 inches (58 cm) in length, making him the longest baby born at the hospital this year, reports PEOPLE.com. Last year, the hospital only delivered one baby as long as Israel.

After the birth, members of Jill's family rushed out to buy new clothing and diapers, as Jill and Derick Dillard quickly realized that Israel was already too big for the items they had purchased and received as gifts. Proud father Derick Dillard is sizing Israel up for a career in the NFL.

We encourage you all to take out a measuring tape so you can see just how long 23 inches is.

An Update on the Dillard's!

Jill Dillard is still recovering from the birth of Israel David Dillard. Her husband has been very supportive, and the rest of the Duggars and Dillards having been pitching in, as well.

"We are so blessed to have such a great family and such great support here at the hospital with the doctors and the nursing staff," Jill told PEOPLE."My sisters and my mom and Derick's mom have all been in to help!"

Derick had to leave his wife's side to have braces put on at an orthodontist, so Michelle Duggar stepped in and spent time with her daughter and new grandson. Joy-Anna kept Jill company in the hospital overnight one day this week.

According to Jill, Derick is "doing amazing at being a dad."

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday

This little miracle has come a long way!!

One pound 6 ounces!

Healthy and happy five year old little girl!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Jill's Having A..." and "Birthing Class and Teamwork" Recaps

19 Kids and Counting "Jill's Having A..."
  • Jill and Derick are about to find out the gender of their baby. If it's a boy, they will name him Israel, which means "God will prevail," and if it's a girl, they will name her Selah, which mean "pause and reflect."
  • Jill's buddy team (Joy, James, and Jennifer) is accompanying her and Derick to their ultrasound appointment. Joy says that she and James and Jennifer are still really close to Jill and that they have "added Derick to the team."
  • "I feel very honored to be part of this big milestone in Jill and Derick's life," says Joy.
  • Everyone is thrilled to hear the baby's heartbeat. "This is our kid," says Jill. "We're going to know what we're having. This is crazy."
  • The ultrasound technician shares the exciting news: It's a boy! Now it's time to prepare for a gender reveal party.
  • After the appointment, everyone heads back to Jill and Derick's house to set up for a gender reveal party. The Duggars arrive, and the fun begins.
  • Derick's mom, Cathy, is away in Omaha having cancer treatment, so she is unable to attend the party. (Update: Cathy is doing great!)
  • The Dillards bring out a piñata in the shape of a question mark. Starting with Josie, each family member takes three whacks at the piñata. Everyone is thrilled when blue paper and candies come falling out of the piñata.
  • Derick's brother, Dan, surprises their mom at the hospital in Omaha with blue flowers and a blue balloon. Later, Jill, Derick, Jim Bob, and Michelle video chat with Cathy and Dan.
19 Kids and Counting "Birthing Class and Teamwork"
  • Now that Jill and Jessa are out of the house and there are no weddings to plan (yet), Michelle is trying to get the kids back to a normal schedule.
  • Michelle and the younger kids take their dog Bubba to have a professional dog bath. The Duggars put on waterproof smocks and help hose the dog down. "Bubba doesn't stink anymore," says Josie.
  • Jill and Derick attend a Bradley class on childbirth. "Derick has really shown that he is an awesome coach," says Jill. Michelle encourages her daughter to say calm during labor.
  • In Washington D.C., Anna and the kids are sewing a curtain to cover the front door window of Jessa and Ben's house. Josh and Anna lived in that house for almost five years, and they used Josh's bathrobe to cover the window because they never got around to installing a curtain.
  • Mackynzie and Michael each take a turn sitting on Anna's lap as she sews. Michael has a few close calls with the needle, but no one ends up in the emergency room.
  • Back in Arkansas, Joy-Anna updates the jurisdiction list (ie chore list). While the older kids aren't too enthusiastic about their jurisdictions, Josie is thrilled to be in charge of gathering the laundry. Michelle runs behind her as she pushes the cart around the house and picks up loose clothing.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ben and Jessa's First Kiss!

For those of you who were not able to watch Ben and Jessa's wedding (which aired March 24th), here is a short video! After listening to Pastor Schadt's sermon, reciting their wedding vows and exchanging rings, pouring their unity sand, and praying with their parents, Jessa and Ben were pronounced husband and wife. But they ran out of the sanctuary before sharing their first kiss. Meanwhile, Pastor Schadt explained the couple's decision to the shocked audience. Video below:

Duggar Grandchild #4!

As all of you know Josh and Anna Duggar will welcome another precious baby girl on June 10th of this year! They haven't announced a name yet....but what "M" names would you recommend for them to name their new daughter?!!??  Here is a sweet photo of Grandma and Anna!

Israel David Dillard

First comes love, then comes marriage ... 

Not one year after being the first of the Duggar girls to tie the knot,Jill and husband Derick Dillardwelcomed baby Israel David on April 6. 

Weighing in at 9 lbs., 10 oz., Jill and Derick's first child arrived at 11:49 p.m. Monday night. 

Although the new parents hadplanned for a home birth, baby Israel was born in a hospital. According to the Dillards, mom and baby are both doing well.

Jill (Duggar) Dillard and Husband Derick Welcome First Child| Babies, 19 Kids and Counting, People Picks, TV News, Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, The Duggars
Israel David Dillard
"We are so thankful for a healthy Mom and baby!" wrote Jill's parents on their official Facebook page. "Love this sweet baby Israel! We are happy grandparents and we promise more pictures soon!" 

Israel was born past his due date, but the 19 Kids and Counting star was "planning on [him] coming late," she previously revealed to PEOPLE – "No big deal," said Jill. 
Jill (Duggar) Dillard and Husband Derick Welcome First Child| Babies, 19 Kids and Counting, People Picks, TV News, Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, The Duggars
Jill Dillard and baby Israel David
A student midwife, Jill had set two due dates for herself – March 24 and April 5. "I have told myself, 'First-time moms often go a week and a half over, so don't get discouraged,' " she told PEOPLE one day prior to Israel's first due date, adding that she has told herself that from the beginning. "When everyone else is asking you, 'When are you going to have that baby?' The baby will come when the baby comes." 

Jill has been open about her pregnancy every step of the way, sharing photos of her ever-growing baby bump at each stage. As recently as April 4, Derick shared a photo of his wife's baby bump at 41 weeks and 4 days!

The arrival of Israel will air on TLC on May 5 in advance of Mother's Day. 
Jill (Duggar) Dillard and Husband Derick Welcome First Child| Babies, 19 Kids and Counting, People Picks, TV News, Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, The Duggars
Derick Dillard and baby Israel David
Jill and Derick officially began courting in November 2013, after Duggar patriarch Jim Bob, 49, remotely introduced the couple. At the time of their first conversation, Derick had been doing missionary work in Japan; the two later met in Nepal. 

Derick proposed in April 2014, and the rest is history. 

Congratulations to the happy couple! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Dillard Family Website!

To keep updated on the Dillard Family, visit www.dillardfamily.com

Still No Baby....

Baby Dilly still hasn't made his big appearance yet... Please keep the Dillard Family in your prayers as they prepare to have a new little one!  Jill is only experiencing Braxton Hick Contractions as of right now! Check back on the Duggar Girls Blog within the next week to keep updated on the Dillard Family!  Here is Jill's 41 week picture!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ben and Jessa's Wedding Vows!

                                     Jessa and Ben's vows are a personalized version of ones found online

Ben's Vows:

Jessa Lauren, you are the love of my life. You are my best friend, and I have learned so much through your love for me. And today is a beautiful day because I have the privilege of committing my life and all that I am to you. 

Jessa Lauren, today I take you to be my wife, my faithful partner, and my one true love, loving you now and as you grow and develop into all that God intends. I promise to encourage you, to inspire you, and love you truly when we are together and when we are apart, when our lives are at peace and when they are in turmoil, when I am proud of you and when I am disappointed in you, in times of work and in times of rest. I promise to passionately pursue you, to pray for you, and to empower you to do the things that you dream. From the depth of my being, I will seek to be open and honest with you. I will forever be there to laugh with you, to lift you up, and to love you unconditionally, through all of our adventures in life together. I say these things believing that God is in the midst of them all.

And I give you this ring as a token of my unending love for you. 

Jessa's Vows:

Benjamin Michael, Ben, today I take you to be my husband, my faithful partner, and my one true love, loving you now and as you grow and develop into all that God intends. I promise to encourage you, to inspire you, and love you truly when we are together and when we are apart, when our lives are at peace and when they are in turmoil, when I am proud of you and when I am disappointed in you, in times of work and in times of rest. I promise to passionately pursue you, to pray for you, and to empower you to do the things that you dream. From the depth of my being, I will seek to be open and honest with you. I will forever be there to laugh with you, to lift you up, and to love you unconditionally, through all of our adventures in life together. I say these things believing that God is in the midst of them all.

And I give you this ring as a token of my unending love. 

Recap: "Jessa's Wedding"

  • It's the day before the wedding, and everyone is bustling around making last minute preparations. "There are a lot of thoughts and emotions running through my head right now," says Jessa.
  • Jessa and Ben meet with Mike Schadt, the pastor who will perform their marriage ceremony. Mike is the founder of S.O.S. Ministries, the organization that the Duggars partner with during their mission trips to Central America.
  • Pastor Schadt makes it clear that Jessa and Ben's commitment to save their first kiss for their wedding day is a personal decision, not a biblical command.
  • Jessa is reusing a lot of Jill's wedding decorations and is trying hard to stick to her parents' budget. Everyone is grateful to have so many family members and friends volunteer their time to set up for the big day.
  • Sierra, the Duggars' friend and Jessa's wedding coordinator, gathers the volunteers and gives instructions. Joy is Seirra's personal assistant.
  • Meanwhile, Guinn Seewald, Ben's mom, is busy preparing for the rehearsal dinner.
  • As the wedding party runs through the ceremony, Jim Bob says he is trying not to suppress his emotions, but he still lets a few out.
  • The Duggars are touched by the beautiful rehearsal dinner that the Seewalds put together. They are especially blessed by the table Guinn set up to honor Grandpa Duggar.
  • Grandma Duggar, whose husband died soon before their 49th wedding anniversary, says the secret to a successful marriage is sacrifice. "You really have to sacrifice for the other person."
  • During dinner, family members share how much they love Jessa and Ben. Jinger's speech is the most emotional, as she and Jessa have been best friends since birth. "I think this is really hard for Jinger, seeing Jessa get married," says Jana. "I think it is hard for her to let Jessa go."
  • The next morning, Jessa and Ben arrive at the church with Jinger. The weather is a little chillier than Sierra expected, so she tries to rent a few heaters to keep the guests warm at the reception, but she is not successful.
  • The wedding party shows up at 9am to start getting ready. After Jill puts on her dress, Derick paints her toenails. "He's so sweet," says Jill.
  • Michelle arrives and gives Jessa a high protein snack for energy. Ben realizes that he has forgotten Jessa's ring at the Duggars' house, so Jim Bob has to bring it.
  • Josh, who had a very important business meeting that he couldn't reschedule, arrives shortly before the wedding begins.
  • When Jessa puts on her wedding dress, her 11 bridesmaids are stunned, and so is Jim Bob. "I can't believe my little girl is all grown up," says the Duggar dad, tearing up. Jessa, who isn't wearing waterproof makeup, starts crying, too.
  • Meanwhile, Ben and his groomsmen head outside to take pictures. Jessa and her bridesmaids and flower girls do the same. "We were freezing," says Jinger.
  • Just before the ceremony starts, Jim Bob shares another tender moment with Jessa, and both start crying again. The Duggar dad prays with the ladies, and Ben's dad prays with the guys.
  • The wedding begins! "When my dad and I stood together behind the doors, I just couldn't believe it," says Jessa. "The moment was finally here."
  • Jim Bob has tears in his eyes as he gives his third oldest daughter away. Pastor Schadt shares a short sermon, and Jessa and Ben recite their vows, which they adapted from a set of vows found on the internet. 
  • They pour their green and yellow unity sand, and their parents join them on stage for a word of prayer.
  • Pastor Schadt pronounces Ben and Jessa man and wife, and they run out of the sanctuary. After the wedding party leaves, Mike Schadt announces that the couple decided to have their first kiss in private.
  • The pastor jokingly invites Jim Bob and Michelle to share a kiss with the crowd, although that scene is not shown in the episode.
  • "Our first kiss was nice and slow and romantic," says Jessa.
  • When Jessa and Ben return from their alone time, the Duggars and Seewalds take family pictures, and the couple signs their marriage certificate.
  • At the outdoor reception, guests enjoy ice cream sundaes. Jessa and Ben share a sundae and a few more kisses.
  • Before Jessa jumps in the horse-drawn carriage with her husband, she hugs as many family members as she can. The couple heads to Europe for their honeymoon.