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Duggar Girls

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Recap: "Jessa's Wedding"

  • It's the day before the wedding, and everyone is bustling around making last minute preparations. "There are a lot of thoughts and emotions running through my head right now," says Jessa.
  • Jessa and Ben meet with Mike Schadt, the pastor who will perform their marriage ceremony. Mike is the founder of S.O.S. Ministries, the organization that the Duggars partner with during their mission trips to Central America.
  • Pastor Schadt makes it clear that Jessa and Ben's commitment to save their first kiss for their wedding day is a personal decision, not a biblical command.
  • Jessa is reusing a lot of Jill's wedding decorations and is trying hard to stick to her parents' budget. Everyone is grateful to have so many family members and friends volunteer their time to set up for the big day.
  • Sierra, the Duggars' friend and Jessa's wedding coordinator, gathers the volunteers and gives instructions. Joy is Seirra's personal assistant.
  • Meanwhile, Guinn Seewald, Ben's mom, is busy preparing for the rehearsal dinner.
  • As the wedding party runs through the ceremony, Jim Bob says he is trying not to suppress his emotions, but he still lets a few out.
  • The Duggars are touched by the beautiful rehearsal dinner that the Seewalds put together. They are especially blessed by the table Guinn set up to honor Grandpa Duggar.
  • Grandma Duggar, whose husband died soon before their 49th wedding anniversary, says the secret to a successful marriage is sacrifice. "You really have to sacrifice for the other person."
  • During dinner, family members share how much they love Jessa and Ben. Jinger's speech is the most emotional, as she and Jessa have been best friends since birth. "I think this is really hard for Jinger, seeing Jessa get married," says Jana. "I think it is hard for her to let Jessa go."
  • The next morning, Jessa and Ben arrive at the church with Jinger. The weather is a little chillier than Sierra expected, so she tries to rent a few heaters to keep the guests warm at the reception, but she is not successful.
  • The wedding party shows up at 9am to start getting ready. After Jill puts on her dress, Derick paints her toenails. "He's so sweet," says Jill.
  • Michelle arrives and gives Jessa a high protein snack for energy. Ben realizes that he has forgotten Jessa's ring at the Duggars' house, so Jim Bob has to bring it.
  • Josh, who had a very important business meeting that he couldn't reschedule, arrives shortly before the wedding begins.
  • When Jessa puts on her wedding dress, her 11 bridesmaids are stunned, and so is Jim Bob. "I can't believe my little girl is all grown up," says the Duggar dad, tearing up. Jessa, who isn't wearing waterproof makeup, starts crying, too.
  • Meanwhile, Ben and his groomsmen head outside to take pictures. Jessa and her bridesmaids and flower girls do the same. "We were freezing," says Jinger.
  • Just before the ceremony starts, Jim Bob shares another tender moment with Jessa, and both start crying again. The Duggar dad prays with the ladies, and Ben's dad prays with the guys.
  • The wedding begins! "When my dad and I stood together behind the doors, I just couldn't believe it," says Jessa. "The moment was finally here."
  • Jim Bob has tears in his eyes as he gives his third oldest daughter away. Pastor Schadt shares a short sermon, and Jessa and Ben recite their vows, which they adapted from a set of vows found on the internet. 
  • They pour their green and yellow unity sand, and their parents join them on stage for a word of prayer.
  • Pastor Schadt pronounces Ben and Jessa man and wife, and they run out of the sanctuary. After the wedding party leaves, Mike Schadt announces that the couple decided to have their first kiss in private.
  • The pastor jokingly invites Jim Bob and Michelle to share a kiss with the crowd, although that scene is not shown in the episode.
  • "Our first kiss was nice and slow and romantic," says Jessa.
  • When Jessa and Ben return from their alone time, the Duggars and Seewalds take family pictures, and the couple signs their marriage certificate.
  • At the outdoor reception, guests enjoy ice cream sundaes. Jessa and Ben share a sundae and a few more kisses.
  • Before Jessa jumps in the horse-drawn carriage with her husband, she hugs as many family members as she can. The couple heads to Europe for their honeymoon.

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