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Duggar Girls

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

European Honeymoon Reacap

  • About 10 days after their wedding, Jessa and Ben head to Europe. Jessa has been overseas twice, but Ben has only been to Central America.
  • First stop: Paris France
  • "It's just like everything you imagined," says Jessa when they arrive in Paris. "It's that awesome and more."
  • At dinner the first night, the waiter brings a plate of snails for the Seewalds to sample. Ben tries them and says they aren't too bad, but Jessa tells her husband she has a weak stomach.
  • When the Seewalds climb the Eiffel Tower, Jessa encourages Ben to face his fear of heights by walking out on a glass platform. "I never thought I would actually be here in Paris," says Jessa.
  • On their last day in Paris, Jessa and Ben visit the Love Lock Bridge. Ben pulls out a padlock with their names engraved on it, and the couple locks it to the bridge and throws the key in the river.
  • Next stop: Rome, Italy
  • The newlyweds kick off their visit to Italy with a cooking lesson. The chef greets them with kisses on the cheek, catching Jessa and Ben off guard. "The Bible says to greet everybody with a holy kiss, but we don't do that in Arkansas," jokes Jim Bob, adding commentary to the honeymoon episode.
  • The highlight of the cooking lesson is learning to make pasta noodles from scratch.
  • When it is time to travel to their final destination, the Seewalds are forced to navigate an Italian train station. They have a difficult time finding the correct train.
  • While Jessa sleeps, Ben studies for his online classes. He is about to graduate with an associate's degree and hopes to do ministry work.
  • Last stop: Venice, Italy
  • When the Seewalds arrive in Venice, they are overwhelmed by the city's beauty. They stumble upon a big, open square, where they attempt to feed a vicious flock of pigeons. Then they browse a vintage clothing store and try on a bunch of outfits. They end up buying a couple hats as souvenirs. 
  • Jessa and Ben end their honeymoon with a boat ride through the canals of Venice. "It has been a good, quality time together, making memories that will last for the rest of our life," says Jessa.
  • Back in Arkansas, Jim Bob and the kids renovate Jessa and Ben's house. The Duggar Dad has plans to re-brick the fireplace as a surprise for his daughter and son-in-law. The boys start off working on the fireplace, while the girls redo the cabinets. Then Jim Bob instructs them to switch jobs so the kids can learn as many skills as possible.
  • "The renovations are coming along, but there is still a lot to do," says Michelle. "I hope we can get it done before Ben and Jessa come home."
  • Later, Michelle, Jana, Jill, Jinger, and Joy visit a thrift store to buy decorations for Jessa's house. "Jessa is the main decorator in our family," says Joy. "I am kind of scared that she is not going to like what we got her." The Duggar ladies only buy a few picture frames and decorations, as they know Jessa will want to do most of the decorating.
  • Anna takes a pregnancy test while she and Josh are staying at Jill and Derick's house. Jill films her sister-in-law breaking the news to Josh and the kids.
  • Jessa and Ben are surprised when they return from their honeymoon and walk through the door of their newly renovated home. Jim Bob and Michelle and the kids are all in the living room waiting for their arrival. "The rock work they did on there, that was over the top," says Jessa, as she admires the fireplace. 
  • The Duggars have Bible time together before Josh and Anna leave. Jim Bob shares how blessed he feels to have such a large, loving family and counts up all the members. Anna chimes in: "Actually, there is one more on the way." Everyone is thrilled to find out that Josh and Anna are expecting Baby #4. (Update: It's a girl!)
  • "This is the multiplication process now, and it's so exciting for us," says Michelle. 
Jessa and Ben share an announcement of their own at the end of the episode. Jessa is 12 weeks pregnant with Baby Seewald!

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