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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ben and Jessa's Wedding Details!

In 34 days, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will give away their third oldest daughter in marriage. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, who will tie the knot on November 1st, have been planning for their big day since their engagement on August 14th.

"I'm super excited," Jessa told PEOPLE Magazine. "Everybody has really been pitching in."

The engaged couple has chosen their colors--navy blue, gray, and coral pink--and plans to have 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen. So far, Jessa and Ben have sent out 800 invitations.
They have not announced their honeymoon location but are planning to go somewhere warm. Perhaps they will follow in the footsteps of past Duggar newlyweds and head to the Carolinas. Josh and Anna honeymooned in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, while Jill and Derick spent their first week of marriage in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. 

As hinted in a recent episode of 19 Kids and Counting, Jessa and Ben's wedding guests will chow down on ice cream sundaes instead of traditional wedding cake. 

An article in this week's edition of Us Weekly Magazine says that Jessa is training to become a midwife, like Jill. With two midwives and a birthing coach (Jana), the Duggars will be ready to welcome all those future grandchildren!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy 6th year of marriage Josh and Anna!!!

Six years ago, Josh and Anna Duggar recited their wedding vows at Buford Grove Baptist Church in Hillard, Florida. What advice do you have for the couple as they celebrate six years of marriage? 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jill's Pregnancy Update

Jill is now 14 weeks 1 day pregnant today!! 

Recap: "Jill Duggar Says Yes To The Dress

19 Kids and Counting "Jill Says Yes to the Dress"...

  • Michelle boards a plane to Washington D.C. with her five oldest daughters (Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna) to shop for Jill's wedding dress.
  • Jill says she is "excitedly nervous" for her big day.
  • "I'm very excited for the moment that Jill is going to try on these wedding dresses," says Michelle. "But at the same time, it's kind of surreal because I realize, 'Wow, we're really here.'"
  • "I think having so many siblings and weddings coming up in our future, I think we are going to be doing a lot of wedding dress shopping," adds Jana.
  • When they arrive in D.C., the Duggar ladies meet up with Anna and her kiddos for brunch. During the meal, Jill asks Jana to be her maid of honor and asks Jessa, Jinger, and Joy to be bridesmaids. (Johannah will also be a bridesmaid.) "I chose Jana as my maid of honor because growing up, we've always been really close," says Jill.
  • The girls are thrilled, especially Anna, who was not expecting to be in the wedding party.
  • At Ava Laurenne Bride, Jill gets the "Princess Treatment" package. First, she has her hair and makeup done, and then the girls share heart-felt notes with the bride-to-be. Joy, who is especially close to Jill, breaks down crying when she reads her letter. "She was my live baby doll," Jill says of Joy.
  • The dress shopping begins, and Jill falls in love with the eighth dress she tries on. "It's what I was praying for," she says. According to Jill's family, the dress fits her personality perfectly. Michelle's dream wedding dress would be one with poofy sleeves and a lot of sparkles, but Jill's styles are simpler than her mother's.
  • While the girls are away, Jim Bob and John-David take Derick Dillard and Ben Seewald on a camping trip. While the guys drive to the cabin, Jim Bob offers marriage advice to Derick and Ben. He tells the young men that love is more important than money, that communication is key, and that what the wife says often goes.
  • John-David says his dad gives him a hard time about being single and has tried to set him up with girls in the past. "One of these days, I'll find the right one, and I'll join the ranks," says John.
  • While preparing to rock climb, the guys joke that John-David is the most expendable because he does not have a wife, fiancĂ©, or girlfriend, but Jim Bob assures his son that they all love him and would miss him.
  • After rock climbing, the guys jump off a cliff while attached to a bungee cord. Derick and Ben take the leap with no problem, but it takes Jim Bob a few minutes to gather enough confidence. John-David decides not to jump.
  • "You know, I've got 19 children," reasons Jim Bob. "Can they afford to lose their father?"
  • "I jumped off, and my life flashed before my eyes," says Derick.
  • As their adventure comes to a close, the guys take a ride on a zip line. At the end of the trip, Jim Bob says Derick and Ben passed the test. "Two daughters down, seven more to go," says the dad of 19. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Recap "Duggar Dirty Jobs" and "Duggars Decorate and Dite"

Last nights episodes recap:

19 Kids and Counting "Duggar Dirty Jobs"

  • Jill and Derick, accompanied by chaperone Michelle, purchase wedding bands at White's Jewelry, the same jeweler Jim Bob and Michelle visited 30 years ago while preparing for their wedding.
  • Ben Seewald recently became the first single, non-Duggar male to live on the Duggars' property. He and Jessa have purposed never to be alone together. "...Ben realizes the responsibility before God and before Jessa's daddy to not make any mistakes" says Michelle. 
  • According to Jessa, one downside of living so close to Ben is that she always has to look her best.
  • "If you want to marry a Duggar girl, you can't be afraid to get your hands dirty," says Jim Bob, who sends Ben out to work with John-David. Their first task is to fix a fence, but after determining that they don't have the right supplies to complete the job, John and Ben decide to grab a box of donuts.
  • Next, the men install windows. "I haven't done a whole lot of carpentry work before," says Ben. "Measuring tapes and Ben, well, we aren't the best of friends.
  • When Jessa says it would be nice to have a handy husband, Ben responds that that is not an "absolute necessity" and that "some guys just might have strengths in other areas."
  • The last item on Ben's to-do list is to bathroom cleaning. John says part of the reason his dad invited Ben to move onto the family's property is because he wants to prepare Jessa's boyfriend to support a wife and family.
  • Meanwhile, Grandma, Michelle, and Joy take the younger kids to Imagine Studios to paint pottery as wedding gifts for Jill and Derick. 
  • "I'm excited for Jill and Derick to get married..." says Jackson. "...cause they've never gotten married before," adds Johannah.
  • Joy says it's bittersweet to watch Jill prepare to move out, since the two sisters were buddies and slept in the same bed for many years.

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Decorate & Diet"

  • Michelle, Jessa, and Joy take on the task of reupholstering stools. The Duggar mom says she doesn't think it's likely that any of her kids will have more than 19 children but that it isn't entirely impossible.
  • While enjoying a homemade, Southern breakfast of biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, and sausage at their home in Washington D.C., Josh and Anna are shocked to welcome an unexpected visitor...former professional football player Steve Conley! About a year ago, Steve put Jim Bob and Josh through an intense physical training regimen.
  • "The good think about this breakfast is that it's so full of preservatives that it will keep you around for a long time" jokes Anna, who says she usually prepares healthier foods.
  • "I think with moving, I've kind of slacked back into my old ways," says Josh.
  • When Steve looks through Josh and Anna's pantry and fridge and discovers a lack of healthy options, he takes them to a local farmer's market to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies.
  • At the market, Steve turns shopping into a game for Mackynzie and Michael, as he sends them to find foods that match certain descriptions.
  • Back in Arkansas, Jinger snaps engagement photos of Jill and Derick. Jessa comes along as the wardrobe coordinator and photographer's assistant.
  • Jill and Derick say that saving the physical side of their relationship for marriage gives them incentive to have a short engagement.
  • Jim Bob supervises the younger and middle-aged kids while they paint the soap box derby cars they built during last weeks show.
Hope you have enjoyed! Have a great day!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pregnancy Update!

Jill Dillard is nearing the end of her first trimester of pregnancy. She says the morning sickness has become less severe and that she has been feeling well enough to cook again.

For our readers who have been pregnant, how long did your morning sickness last? Do you have any tips to share with Jill and other moms-to-be?

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Happy Birthday 48th Michelle! You are a wonderful mother to 19 children, sister, sister-in-law, grandmother (#4 is on the way!) and aunt!
Birthdate: September 13,
Married: July 21, 1984
Favorite Bible Verse: 11 Corinthians 12:9
Favorite Bible Characters: Joseph, Ruth & Esther
Favorite Song: It's Through The Blood
Favorite Episode: Special Duggar Delivery
Past Favorite School Subject:English
Favorite Food: Ice Cream and Homemade Chicken and Dumplings
Michelle is the baby in her family with five older sisters and one brother.
Favorite Past-time: Hanging out with family
Favorite Family Trip: Going out west together in 2006
Future Plans: Finish memorizing Matthew 5,6 & 7, start violin lessons again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Recap: "Duggar Daughter Dates" & "Duggar-Sized Wedding Planning"

19 Kids and Counting "Duggar Daughter Dates"

  • Ben and Jessa head to a local shooting range (the same one Jessa went to for her 18th birthday) with Jason as their chaperone. Ben has a small pick-up truck, which makes chaperoned dates a bit tricky. "Joe and John-David don't come with us a lot," says Ben. Ben jokingly points out that once he and Jessa get married and no longer have to bring chaperones everywhere they go, there will be a lot more room in the truck.
  • Both Ben and Jessa do very well at the shooting range, but Jason thinks his sister is a better shot than Ben.
  • Derick takes Jill on a hiking date for her birthday, accompanied by chaperone James. "For me it's not awkward being a chaperone because I'm just here for the food," says James, who ends up getting carsick during the drive.
  • After hiking to a beautiful lookout point, the three enjoy a picnic lunch of bread, cheese, humus, and figs, packed by Derick.
  • Meanwhile, Michelle takes Jennifer, who has been straining her eyes while doing schoolwork, to the eye doctor to get fitted for a pair of pink glasses. Jim Bob, Michelle, and Jill also wear glasses.
  • Michelle says that Jennifer, who turned seven in August, usually has a very serious look on her face but that she does smile from time-to-time. 
19 Kids and Counting "Duggar-Sized Wedding Planning"

  • Jill and Derick, along with Jessa, visit the home of their official wedding baker, who also happens to be one of Jill's midwifery clients, to choose a flavor of cake for their big day. The couple decides on French vanilla cake with strawberry filling and off-white, butter cream frosting. In addition to a fancy wedding cake, Jill and Derick will also have sheet cake for their guests.
  • Jessa says she plans to go the nontraditional route and serve ice cream instead of cake at her wedding. Stay tuned to see if Ben agrees!
  • The next step for Jill and Derick is finding a wedding venue; they bring Michelle along to help. The first two locations don't end up working out. Magnolia Gardens has a maximum occupancy of 300 guests, and Springdale Country Club is sizeable but is too fancy for the Duggars' tastes. "We're more barefoot and backyard kind of people," says Michelle. 
  • The third venue that Michelle, Jill, and Derick visit is Cross Church, which holds a very special place in the Duggars' hearts. Cross Church is the church where Jim Bob grew up and is also where Jim Bob and Michelle married in 1984 and renewed their vows in 2009. The church can easily accommodate all 3,000 guests that Jill and Derick have invited, so they decide to book it.
  • The Duggars are planning Jill's wedding on a budget. According to Michelle, Jill mentioned the idea of setting a wedding budget even before Jim Bob and Michelle brought it up. 
  • Back home, Jim Bob splits the kids into three teams, led by Joseph, Jeremiah, and Jedidiah, to build soap box derby cars from kits that the children found online. They quickly discover that the kits are missing wheels but end up assembling as much of the cars as they can. Jim Bob plans to organize a race once the wheels arrive
Hope you enjoyed!! Have a great day!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Duggars and Mothers Recap

Sorry that we are two days late in putting out the recap. But here it is anyway. Hope you enjoy!

  • The show kicks off with a recap of Jill and Derick's relationship. According to Michelle, Jill is ready to be a wife, but the family has a lot of planning to do before Jill and Derick can say "I do."
  • Jill and Derick, along with Jill's mom and sisters, meet with their three wedding planners, who also happen to be friends of the family. Jill is the first Duggar daughter to tie the knot, and the Duggar women quickly realize that there is a lot more that goes into planning a wedding than they originally thought.
  • "Okay, I don't know what I'm doing," Jill admits to viewers after the meeting.
  • "I would imagine that this wedding is going to be a huge affair, and I have no idea how we're going to pull this off," says Michelle.
  • In the midst of wedding planning, Jill and Derick receive devastating news: Derick's mom, Cathy Dillard Byrum, has been diagnosed with cancer and must undergo chemotherapy treatments. The engaged couple grabs Jessa as their chaperone and visits Cathy in the hospital. 
  • "It's been good for our relationship to kind of see how we deal with difficult situations," admits Derick, who says he is thankful to have Jill by his side during this trial.
  • The Duggars invite the Seewalds and the Dillards over to their house to celebrate Mother's Day. It will be the first time that Ben and Derick's families meet. Derick has one brother, Dan, who is two years younger than him, while Ben is the oldest of seven.
  • Jessa, who admits that her cooking skills are limited, helps Jill prepare the meal. "I try to imitate Jill," says Jessa. "I'm not as good as she is. She makes food taste amazing, so I'm trying to copy her style. I haven't quite got it yet."
  • "Cooking is fun and exciting," Jessa continues. "I usually always burn something." This time, she just barely burns the rolls but is able to save them with lots of melted butter.
  • During lunch, Jim Bob and Michelle ask Ben if he would like to move into their guesthouse and do odd jobs around their property while finishing school. Ben is pleasantly surprised and resolves to pray about it.
  • "I don't know that it's normal, but I think some guys move to areas wherever their girlfriend is..." says Jana.
  • Meanwhile, Derick and Jill join Dan and his girlfriend, Chelsea, for a video chat with Cathy, who is still recovering. (Update: Cathy is now cancer-free!)
  • Jim Bob and Michelle surprise Jill and Derick by "loaning" them the Stonybrook house, a residence that the family fixed up back in 2012. 
  • Jim Bob and several of the kids head over to the house to give it a deep clean. Although the Stonybrook house is a three-story mansion and has much more room than the newlyweds will need, they say they feel blessed to have this opportunity to live in the house until Jim Bob and Michelle decide to sell it.
  • Some might see this situation as unfair to Josh and Anna, who lived in a tiny bungalow for almost five years, but the Duggars don't. As Joy-Anna points out, Jim Bob did not own the Stonybrook house when Josh and Anna were looking for a place to live. "I guess it's their own fault they didn't wait," jokes Joy.
  • While cleaning the windows at the Stonybrook house, James gets a huge splinter stuck in one of his fingers, but Jim Bob and Jessa are able to pull it out without inflicting too much pain on the young Duggar.
  • Before the show comes to a close, Jessa and her sisters clean up the guesthouse and make signs to welcome Ben, who has accepted Jim Bob and Michelle's offer, to his new home. He is impressed by Jessa's decorating job. "Wow," says Ben. "This is awesome. It's almost like a hunting lodge or something."
  • "Jessa is delighted about this relationship," says Michelle. "It means that Ben is closer, almost next door."
  • "In our courtship, the next step would involve a rock and a piece of metal," Ben tells Jessa.
  • "Ooh, I like this" Jessa responds.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Season Starts Today!

The new season of 19 Kids and Counting starts today at 9:00pm! Are you excited? Here are some pictures until then:  




Monday, September 1, 2014

New Season Returns in 1 day!

The new season returns in 1 day! Throughout the season, it will show Jill's wedding plans, bridesmaid and bride dress shopping and much more!

September 2-
Duggars and Mothers- 9:00
Jill Duggar is getting married! And with the wedding 
only a few short months away, the first Duggar daughter to get married
is diving right into planning this Duggar-sized event.

September 9-
Duggar Daughter Dates- 9-00
Duggar-sized Wedding Planning- 9:31
Less than three months away, Jill & Derick are making 
some big decisions! From cake tasting to touring venues, will they hit
 the sweet spot for their Duggar-sized dream wedding? 
Over in DC, Anna has her hands full with her little ones.