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Duggar Girls

Friday, October 31, 2014

Jessa's Last Day At Home

Tomorrow Jessa will become Jessa Seewald!! She is marrying Ben Seewald! They started courting September 9th 2013.
Photo: One day left at home. Our sweet Jessa! Tomorrow is her big day!
Pictures of Jessa and Ben's early courtship

Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Wedding Pictures...

Jill's Wedding Recap

On Tuesday's episode of "Jill wedding"

It's time for Derick and Jill's wedding and they are so thankful for the family and friends that have been helping set up their wedding. 

Jana is so excited about Derick and Jill wedding that is a few hours away and how hard it is to believe that they are getting married and that their relationship has gone by really fast.

Their family and friends are setting up the food. They are setting up the root beer floats and leave the door open and it gets melted which means that they have to redo it. Sierra makes sure to get it done.

Ben reveals that he is planning to ask Jessa soon. (Which took place on August 14th and they get married this weekend.

Durning the night before rehearsal, Derick still can't kiss his bride so Jim Bob gives his daughter a kiss on her cheek. Jim Bob has been really emotional before the wedding.

Anna reveals that the tears streaming down his face but he will be happy about the wedding. Jim Bob finds out that his daughter is planning not to wear shoes on her wedding day however he jokes that she will be barefoot and pregnant.

Derick leads the crowd for his mom who was diagnosed with cancer on Easter. Cathy was not able to spend time at the rehearsal dinner. Guests got Derick's dad favorite BBQ recipe so that way he was part of the wedding. Michelle shows the reenactment of Jill and Derick's engagement that they recorded early in the week.

Derick and Jill show up with Joy Anna as their chaperone. Joy Anna is their last chaperone since later on that night they will be alone for the first time. They head for morning devotions and to talk to his mother. Derick is happy that his mother can attend for his big day.

Derick and Jill decided to help each other get ready for their wedding. Jill cleans up her almost husband's beard before they get dress. While they are appear, they entrust Jackson to send notes to each other.

The couple heads out for their first look photos. Derick reveals that Jill looks absolutely amazing and she looks gorgeous. He has not see her more beautiful. Jill responds to him by saying I love you and you look so handsome.

Derick and Jill are spending few minutes with Derick's mom before starting their wedding. The family gathers where Jim Bob and Michelle got married. Jordyn gets upset that her older sister is getting married and Jim Bob gets her to get happy again. The family takes their place out with the other guest and Jim Bob doesn't want to give away her but he does.

The pastor asked who gives Jill to her new husband and Jim Bob tries to be funny "I do, no her mother and I do"

Derick and Jill share the same wedding vows as her parents and are now leally married. The couple shares their first kiss.

Jessa is stopped by her boyfriend after walking in with Derick's friend and takes over. Josh takes his wife from his brother and gives her a quick kiss.

Michelle reveals that practice makes progress. Anna also adds "and progress makes babies."

Derick and Jill enjoy moments alone before joining the family. Jill reveals that it surreal for her to say I do.

Josh gives Derick some advice about saying yes dear and I am sorry.

Anna encourages them to enjoy the little things because time goes by so fast.

Jason tells the new couple to be fruitful and multiply.

John David reveals to Jill to downsize her recipes since she is going from the size of the Duggar family to her new family of two.
The newly married couple sends time with their family and friends before taking off for their honeymoon!  a.re setting up the root beer floats and leave the door open and it gets melted which means that they have to redo it. Sierra makes sure to get it done.