Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Last Night's Episodes

19 Kids and Counting "Wedding Countdown!"
  • Jill and Derick have been meeting with Jim Bob and Michelle for weekly marriage counseling leading up to their wedding. Jim Bob says he is "checking Derick out" until the day he says 'I do.'
  • The Duggars recommend the Getting Ready For Marriage by Jerry D. Hardin and Dianne C. Sloan.
  • Jim Bob and the kids visit an auction to buy furniture for the Stonybrook house, which Jim Bob and Michelle have fixed up over the past two years and will allow Jill and Derick to live in temporarily.
  • "I trust Jill; she has a better eye of what will look good in our home," says Derick, who stops by the auction after work.
  • "These are the last few days, hours, moments that we are going to be able to spend with [Jill] before she's married," says Jana.
  • "We only hold hands right now, and within the span of a day, we are going to be living in the same home and being a married couple." says Derick.f
  • Jim Bob and Michelle give Jill and Derick a tour of their new home. "There's definitely enough room to start a family," remarks Derick. 
  • "Their first home compared to our first home are two total opposites," says Michelle, who lived in a tiny fixer upper when she married Jim Bob thirty years ago. "I know that Jill is excited to start a home of her own. She is such a homemaker anyway. She is just going to love it, and she will do great at it."
  • After the tour, the rest of the Duggar family, including Ben Seewald, comes over to help move furniture.
  • "Ben's very sweet about taking directions," says Jessa. "He's always like, 'Yes, how would you like that done?'" Jessa says she envisions a much smaller house for her and Ben when they get married.
  • Later, Michelle supervises the kids as they film a reenactment of Jill and Derick's engagement, starring Jackson and Johannah as Jill and Derick, Jenny and Jordyn as the chaperones, and Jeremiah as the musician. Four-year-old Josie makes an appearance as the police officer who mistakenly asked Jill and Derick to use a different sidewalk as they entered the park just before getting engaged. He didn't realize that the "documentary" that was being filmed was their engagement!
  • Jill picks up the first wedding "guests"--Josh and Anna and their kids--from the airport. "This wedding is happening," says Jana. "It is going to be here before we know it.
  • Josh visits his old car dealership, now owned by a friend, to borrow a getaway car for the wedding. Jill has asked her siblings to refrain from trashing her getaway car, but Josh admits he might not honor that request.
  • The older girls help Jill decorate her new house, which includes hanging approximately 130 picture frames.
  • Two days before the wedding, Jill and her mom and bridesmaids get their nails done by one of Jill's friends. "These are some of the last things I get to do with my family as a Duggar," says Jill.
  • The bridesmaids try their dresses on one last time, and Jana finishes sewing 11 ties for the groomsmen and ushers. Jill packs her belongings into boxes, while friends start arriving at the house

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