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Duggar Girls

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sweet Video of Jessa and Ben

With just five days until their wedding airs on TLC  Jessa and Ben's Love Story  is such a sweet video! Hope you enjoy this trip from courtship to wedding day! Click the link to play the video.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Recap: "All About Jessa"

19 Kids and Counting "All About Jessa"
  • Only two days to go until Jessa and Ben tie the knot! The Duggar house is packed with family and friends who are in town for the wedding.
  • Jessa and Ben decide they don't want separate bachelor and bachelorette parties because they don't want to be apart, so they plan a joint flag football game.
  • Jim Bob and Ben are the team captains, so there will be intense competition. "He's getting Jessa, but I was going to win this football game," says Jim Bob, whose team ends up defeating Ben's team.
  • After the game, the married couples share advice with Jessa and Ben.
  • "I think Ben is as ready for marriage as he will ever be," says his dad, Michael.
  • The family looks back on Jessa's childhood. "Jessa was full of energy," says Jim Bob. "She was a handful." Jessa says she loved growing up with 18 siblings, and she learned to be very organized from a young age.
  • "Jessa's gift of organization was there when she was a little bitty girl," says Michelle. The mom of 19 was especially thankful for her third-oldest daughter's gift while Josie was in the NICU after her premature birth and Michelle had to be by her side.
  • Jessa is also a master packer. She usually doesn't forget anything important, except for the time when the family left for a road trip and then realized that they didn't have socks or underwear for the eight youngest boys.
  • Josh says Jessa is a lot like him. She will tell you what she thinks, even when you don't want to hear it.
  • For the past several years, Jessa has played a key role in homeschooling her younger siblings and is very good at motivating them to work. "The younger kids listen to Jessa," says Jill.
  • Who will fill in the gap once Jessa leaves the nest? Michelle isn't sure yet, but she knows that whoever steps in will have big shoes to fill.
  • "We respected Jessa as a teacher," says Jedidiah. "She pretty much knew what she was talking about all the time."
  • Jessa also has a lot of spunk behind her, as proven when she and her mom went skydiving a few years ago. "Whose mom goes skydiving?" says Jessa. "I have the coolest mom."
  • Jessa is very close with her sisters, especially Jinger, who is just 412 days younger than her. "Our personalities are totally different, and so we work together very well," says Jinger.
  • The Seewalds also reflect on Ben's childhood. "He's really kind," says Ben's brother Ethan. "And kind of acts like you are his age, and he treats you kindly."
  • "He was a big encourager," says his mother, Guinn.
  • Jessa and Ben started getting to know each other in group settings in 2013. Guinn reminded her son that Jessa has a bunch of guys knocking on her door, so he shouldn't get his hopes up. But he ended up winning her heart.
  • "Ben is definitely a good match for Jessa," says Anna. "...they definitely balance each other well."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jill's Due Date is TODAY!!!!

Jill's due date is today, but... Still no baby! She is forty weeks pregnant today! Jill and Derick will celebrate there one year engagement anniversary in just a few days, who knows maybe with a baby!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Just a Few More Days Left...

Yesterday was Jill and Derick's  9 month wedding anniversary! A lot has happened in those 9 months, from getting married, moving into a new house away from your family, finding out you are going to be parents, finding out your baby's gender and waiting on that sweet baby to get here!! Wow! What a whirlwind!! In addition to all that Tuesday is Jill's due date so that baby could get here any day!! Here is what she has been up to lately...

Jessa and Ben stopped by for a vist

39 weeks 4 days!

Spending time with family

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Recap: Wedding Prep

19 Kids and Counting "Wedding Prep"
  • Jessa and Ben's wedding is only a few days away. Jeremiah chaperones the couple as they pick up their marriage license.
  • Grandma Duggar and Michelle, along with several of the little ones, make a special wedding gift for Jessa. They cut a piece of netting off Grandma's wedding dress to attach to Jessa's bouquet as she walks down the aisle, which is something they did for Jill.
  • Meanwhile, Jennifer grabs a horse head on a stick and a pair of headphones and pretends to be Mr. Jim the soundman.
  • Jill and Derick chaperone Jessa and Ben on an arts and crafts double date. Each couple paints a picture of a tree.
  • Back at home, the rest of the family makes homemade pizza. Jim Bob attempts to hand-toss his dough, but it does not work very well. Some of the kids put pickles on their pizza. "That's a Duggar thing," says James. "We just all love pickles."
  • Josie uses the "lick and stick" method to make her mini pizza. She licks each topping and then places it on the pizza. "I am not going to eat Josie's pizza," says Michelle, laughing. "I am labeling it. We will all know which one is hers. She's quite the chef."
  • Jessa and Ben have their final marriage counseling session with Jim Bob and Michelle, which has been a weekly occurrence during their engagement. They discuss the importance of communication. "I think you all are going to make a dynamic duo," says Jim Bob, who then demonstrates the best way to kiss.
  • Sierra, Jessa's wedding coordinator, comes over to make a test batch of homemade brownies to use as a topping for Jessa and Ben's ice cream sundae bar. The little kids are eager to help. "Sierra does a wonderful job having a lot of little helping hands around," says Michelle.
  • In Washington DC, Anna and the kids are packing to leave for the wedding. When they arrive in Arkansas, Ben, Jessa, and Jinger meet them at the airport. Josh has another commitment and is scheduled to arrive four hours before the ceremony beings.
  • A couple days before the wedding, Anna Hackel (Jessa's friend and one of her bridesmaids) chaperones Jessa and Ben as the pick up their wedding bands. The couple chose Ben's ring together, but Ben wants Jessa's to be a surprise.
  • Then, Jessa and Anna pick up Jessa's wedding gown. As the wedding draws near, friends and family members from across the nation begin arriving at the Duggars' house. It's almost go time!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Almost 39 weeks!

Baby Dilly is still not here! With only a little over a week until her due date do you think she will have her baby this week or next week?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

38 Weeks...

Jill is now 38 weeks pregnant! With just two more weeks until her due date Jill's baby should be here any day! When do you think Baby Dilly will be here?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Recap: "Michelle's High School Reunion" and "Race to the Altar"

Last Night on 19 Kids and Counting:

19 Kids and Counting "Michelle's High School Reunion"

  • Cindy, Michelle's dear friend since first grade, comes to visit, and the two head to the gym to work out. "It is such a joy to have a friend that you know loves you," says Michelle.
  • Michelle and Cindy text every morning to encourage each other to exercise. "It is such a joy to have a friend that you know loves you," says Michelle.
  • Michelle shares how she struggled with an eating disorder during high school, something her daughters discuss in their book, Growing Up Duggar. 
  • Jessa and Ben and the little kids put address labels on 800 wedding invitations. Sierra, the couple's wedding coordinator and friend, comes over to make plans for the big day.
  • Later, Michelle attends her 30-year high school reunion with Jim Bob and a few of their children.
  • "I think my mom was pretty crazy in high school," says Joy. "But I think she's calmed down quite a bit." Did you know Michelle had a pet tarantula?
  • The family takes Johannah horseback riding at a local farm for her 9th birthday.
  • "Johannah is a very tough girl," says Jessa. "She kind of has a tomboy side to her. But she's also very girly."
  • The Duggar ladies can do anything in skirts. "If the skirt is cut correctly, you can ride a horse in a skirt without any problem," says Grandma.

19 Kids and Counting "Race to the Altar" 

  • Michelle admits that having Ben live on their property is a bit unorthodox, but given that the couple has 17 chaperones to keep them in line, the mom of 19 says it's okay.
  • Ben and Jessa have been working out with Joy and Jason to get ready for the wedding. The girls wear knee-length exercise skirts, and the boys wear shorts.
  • First, they each take a turn pushing Ben's pickup truck up a hill. Then they hit the weight room. Jessa can bench press about 65 pounds.
  • Michelle says she is thrilled to see her children being active.
  • Jana heads over to Jill's house to help her make an authentic Nepali dinner for Derick.
  • "We are not the best at making Nepali food," says Jill. "I don't know how it's supposed to taste, so it could be completely off, and I would have no clue," says Jana.
  • Derick really enjoys the meal, as do Jana and Jill.
  • Jessa and Ben head to Walmart with Justin and Jordyn to create their gift registry. While Jessa and Jordyn look at kitchen supplies, Ben and Justin scan toys and candy. Ben says he wants to have a fun house so he and Jessa can have kids over.

Monday, March 9, 2015

"Duggar and Bates Pregnancies" Slideshow

Here is a video of the Duggar and Bates Pregnancies! Hope you enjoy this little video!!!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

37 Weeks Pregnant

This could possibly be the last picture of Jill while she's pregnant!! Isn't that exciting?! She is now 37 weeks along with her baby boy. We still don't know his name but we hope to soon find out!

Recap: "Invites and Ride-Alongs" and "Wedding Prep and Pies"

On Last Night's Episodes of 19 Kids and Counting:

19 Kids and Counting "Invites and Ride-Alongs"
  • Michelle spends quality time with John-David and learns how to operate an excavator and a dump truck. "John-David is very patient, and he is a good instructor," says the mom of 19, who makes a point to spend one-on-one time with each of her kids.
  • Jinger says John is steady, quiet, and easy-going. Michelle calls him tenderhearted.
  • Jessa and Ben ask Josh, who does graphic design as a hobby, to design their wedding invitations. Josh agrees. While he works, Mackynzie and Michael design their own invitations using construction paper and colored Popsicle sticks. Josh sends a few options to the future Mr. and Mrs. Seewald, and they select their favorite.
  • Jill prepares dessert and a care package for Derick's mom, Cathy, who is going to Omaha, Nebraska, for five weeks of treatment that will hopefully prevent her cancer from returning. (Update: Cathy is doing very well, and her doctors say her healing is nothing short of a miracle.)
  • Constable John-David takes Jim Bob on a ride-along in his police car. "We'll see if my dad follows the rules," says John. In case you are wondering, a constable is a police officer with less authority and a smaller jurisdiction than a sheriff. John-David was sworn in as constable in January 2013.
  • John-David stops to help an officer who has pulled someone over in a gas station parking lot. He instructs Jim Bob to stay in the car, but the Duggar dad slips out and buys food at the convenience store.  
  • "It looks like you got out of the car," says John, jokingly. "We've got to keep our strength up," responds Jim Bob, holding a package of donuts and two bottles of Gatorade.
  • The ride-along turns out to be uneventful, but Jim Bob enjoys spending time with his son.
19 Kids and Counting "Wedding Prep and Pies"
  • Michelle helps Jason and James make pies (also called casseroles) that they hope receive Jessa and Ben's stamp of approval for the rehearsal dinner.  "Jason and James, their cooking style is more for survival," says Michelle. "It's not for appearance of the food..."
  • "The pies that Jason and James made were amazing," says Jessa.
  • In Washington D.C., Josh prepares egg sandwiches for his family. Then, the Duggar dad takes Mackynzie and Michael to a nearby music store for their first music lessons.
  • Mackynzie is thrilled to learn to play her tiny violin, and Michael smiles as he has his first piano lesson. Afterwards, the kids enjoy trying out a drum set.
  • Ben is designing a wedding band for Jessa that he will surprise her with on their wedding day. He takes the sketches to White's Jewelry, and Jinger brings Jessa's engagement ring. "When it's all finished, I can't wait to see her face when I slide it on her finger," says Ben.
  • Later, the Duggar girls head to Flowerama, a local flower shop. Jessa admits she doesn't know much about flowers. "Jessa doesn't really have a plan just yet for her flowers," says Jana.
  • The employees at Flowerama show the Duggars how to make bouquets. "Our parents have encouraged us to gain as many life skills as we can," says Jessa.
  • The little girls especially enjoy blowing into the flowers to make them open up.
  • "These last moments together as sisters are kind of bittersweet," says Jana. "We are definitely cherishing these moments and just enjoying making these memories together before Jessa gets married."

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The First Picture of Baby Girl Duggar

Have you been wandering what Baby Girl Duggar looks like? Here is our first look at her!!

Awww!!!! Isn't she cute?! Her name will be revealed in a couple of weeks. What do you think this precious little girl will be named?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Josh and Anna's Baby Gender Revealed!

Guess What!?!!?? Josh and Anna announced the gender of their baby! Its a....GIRL! They are thrilled and over-joyed to be welcoming a new daughter in June of this year! The little sister Mackynzie prayed for will be here soon! What name do you think Josh and Anna will choose? Do you think she will look like Josh or Anna?

Click on the website below to watch a video on how they announced!
Here are a few photos of Anna through her first
few months of pregnancy!
Jill and Anna
Josh and Anna
Family Photo
Anna and Marcus
Anna and Jill

Jill's Pregnancy!

Since the birth of "Baby Dilly" is only weeks and days away, we decided to do a little throwback with some pictures! We hope you enjoy!

                                                                    From July 2014......

 To March 2015.....