Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Recap: Wedding Prep

19 Kids and Counting "Wedding Prep"
  • Jessa and Ben's wedding is only a few days away. Jeremiah chaperones the couple as they pick up their marriage license.
  • Grandma Duggar and Michelle, along with several of the little ones, make a special wedding gift for Jessa. They cut a piece of netting off Grandma's wedding dress to attach to Jessa's bouquet as she walks down the aisle, which is something they did for Jill.
  • Meanwhile, Jennifer grabs a horse head on a stick and a pair of headphones and pretends to be Mr. Jim the soundman.
  • Jill and Derick chaperone Jessa and Ben on an arts and crafts double date. Each couple paints a picture of a tree.
  • Back at home, the rest of the family makes homemade pizza. Jim Bob attempts to hand-toss his dough, but it does not work very well. Some of the kids put pickles on their pizza. "That's a Duggar thing," says James. "We just all love pickles."
  • Josie uses the "lick and stick" method to make her mini pizza. She licks each topping and then places it on the pizza. "I am not going to eat Josie's pizza," says Michelle, laughing. "I am labeling it. We will all know which one is hers. She's quite the chef."
  • Jessa and Ben have their final marriage counseling session with Jim Bob and Michelle, which has been a weekly occurrence during their engagement. They discuss the importance of communication. "I think you all are going to make a dynamic duo," says Jim Bob, who then demonstrates the best way to kiss.
  • Sierra, Jessa's wedding coordinator, comes over to make a test batch of homemade brownies to use as a topping for Jessa and Ben's ice cream sundae bar. The little kids are eager to help. "Sierra does a wonderful job having a lot of little helping hands around," says Michelle.
  • In Washington DC, Anna and the kids are packing to leave for the wedding. When they arrive in Arkansas, Ben, Jessa, and Jinger meet them at the airport. Josh has another commitment and is scheduled to arrive four hours before the ceremony beings.
  • A couple days before the wedding, Anna Hackel (Jessa's friend and one of her bridesmaids) chaperones Jessa and Ben as the pick up their wedding bands. The couple chose Ben's ring together, but Ben wants Jessa's to be a surprise.
  • Then, Jessa and Anna pick up Jessa's wedding gown. As the wedding draws near, friends and family members from across the nation begin arriving at the Duggars' house. It's almost go time!

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