Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Recap: "Michelle's High School Reunion" and "Race to the Altar"

Last Night on 19 Kids and Counting:

19 Kids and Counting "Michelle's High School Reunion"

  • Cindy, Michelle's dear friend since first grade, comes to visit, and the two head to the gym to work out. "It is such a joy to have a friend that you know loves you," says Michelle.
  • Michelle and Cindy text every morning to encourage each other to exercise. "It is such a joy to have a friend that you know loves you," says Michelle.
  • Michelle shares how she struggled with an eating disorder during high school, something her daughters discuss in their book, Growing Up Duggar. 
  • Jessa and Ben and the little kids put address labels on 800 wedding invitations. Sierra, the couple's wedding coordinator and friend, comes over to make plans for the big day.
  • Later, Michelle attends her 30-year high school reunion with Jim Bob and a few of their children.
  • "I think my mom was pretty crazy in high school," says Joy. "But I think she's calmed down quite a bit." Did you know Michelle had a pet tarantula?
  • The family takes Johannah horseback riding at a local farm for her 9th birthday.
  • "Johannah is a very tough girl," says Jessa. "She kind of has a tomboy side to her. But she's also very girly."
  • The Duggar ladies can do anything in skirts. "If the skirt is cut correctly, you can ride a horse in a skirt without any problem," says Grandma.

19 Kids and Counting "Race to the Altar" 

  • Michelle admits that having Ben live on their property is a bit unorthodox, but given that the couple has 17 chaperones to keep them in line, the mom of 19 says it's okay.
  • Ben and Jessa have been working out with Joy and Jason to get ready for the wedding. The girls wear knee-length exercise skirts, and the boys wear shorts.
  • First, they each take a turn pushing Ben's pickup truck up a hill. Then they hit the weight room. Jessa can bench press about 65 pounds.
  • Michelle says she is thrilled to see her children being active.
  • Jana heads over to Jill's house to help her make an authentic Nepali dinner for Derick.
  • "We are not the best at making Nepali food," says Jill. "I don't know how it's supposed to taste, so it could be completely off, and I would have no clue," says Jana.
  • Derick really enjoys the meal, as do Jana and Jill.
  • Jessa and Ben head to Walmart with Justin and Jordyn to create their gift registry. While Jessa and Jordyn look at kitchen supplies, Ben and Justin scan toys and candy. Ben says he wants to have a fun house so he and Jessa can have kids over.

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