Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Duggar I Do" Recap

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Say I Do"
  • It's time to look back at the most memorable moments of the Duggar weddings.
  • Jill and Jessa both sent out 800-900 invitations because they didn't want to exclude anyone.
  • To keep costs down so they could have an extravagant European honeymoon, Jessa and Ben ordered supplies and clothing online and reused a lot of Jill's decorations.
  • Ben forgot Jessa's ring on their wedding day and had to call Jim Bob. Being the jokester that he is, the Duggar Dad handed Ben the wrong ring at first, and Ben was quite confused.
  • With Derick's mom in the hospital receiving cancer treatments during Jill and Derick's engagement, Jill wanted to be there to support her fianc√© and future mother-in-law. Jill's sisters stepped in and took on a lot of the wedding planning.
  • All through Jill and Derick's wedding ceremony, Michelle was motioning to Jennifer, Jordyn, Josie, and Mackynzie, who were sitting on the stage, each holding one word of a "Here Comes Your Bride" sign, to sit still and stay quiet. "They kept the crowd entertained," said Jim Bob.
  • Josh and Anna tried to keep their wedding as cheap as possible. Their invitations didn't all match, but they made sure their relatives received the same design. Anna wore her sister's bridal gown, and she made her veil and bridesmaid dresses.
  • If you watched Josh and Anna's wedding, you may remember that John-David forgot the rings and had to run out of the church in the middle of the ceremony.
  • During an interview, while Jackson is joking about the pranks he will play at Justin's wedding, TLC asks Justin what pranks he will play on Jackson. "I don't know, maybe take his girl," says Justin, sounding quite serious.
  • Jim Bob and Michelle's wedding was also planned on a strict budget. While their kids have had short engagements (about three months), the Duggar parents waited a little longer to tie the knot. Jim Bob proposed on Christmas Eve, and they married on July 21st. Michelle made her bouquet and the cake, and the wedding was very small.
  • Jim Bob and Michelle renewed their vows 25 years later with a wedding ceremony that all the kids were involved in.
  • At the end of the episode, the Duggar couples play a game of How Well Do You Know Your Spouse. Turns out, Jim Bob doesn't know the color of his wife's toothbrush...
  • Three weddings down and 16 to go! Josiah is the only kid who is courting, so his wedding could very well be next.

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