Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Jill's Having A..." and "Birthing Class and Teamwork" Recaps

19 Kids and Counting "Jill's Having A..."
  • Jill and Derick are about to find out the gender of their baby. If it's a boy, they will name him Israel, which means "God will prevail," and if it's a girl, they will name her Selah, which mean "pause and reflect."
  • Jill's buddy team (Joy, James, and Jennifer) is accompanying her and Derick to their ultrasound appointment. Joy says that she and James and Jennifer are still really close to Jill and that they have "added Derick to the team."
  • "I feel very honored to be part of this big milestone in Jill and Derick's life," says Joy.
  • Everyone is thrilled to hear the baby's heartbeat. "This is our kid," says Jill. "We're going to know what we're having. This is crazy."
  • The ultrasound technician shares the exciting news: It's a boy! Now it's time to prepare for a gender reveal party.
  • After the appointment, everyone heads back to Jill and Derick's house to set up for a gender reveal party. The Duggars arrive, and the fun begins.
  • Derick's mom, Cathy, is away in Omaha having cancer treatment, so she is unable to attend the party. (Update: Cathy is doing great!)
  • The Dillards bring out a piñata in the shape of a question mark. Starting with Josie, each family member takes three whacks at the piñata. Everyone is thrilled when blue paper and candies come falling out of the piñata.
  • Derick's brother, Dan, surprises their mom at the hospital in Omaha with blue flowers and a blue balloon. Later, Jill, Derick, Jim Bob, and Michelle video chat with Cathy and Dan.
19 Kids and Counting "Birthing Class and Teamwork"
  • Now that Jill and Jessa are out of the house and there are no weddings to plan (yet), Michelle is trying to get the kids back to a normal schedule.
  • Michelle and the younger kids take their dog Bubba to have a professional dog bath. The Duggars put on waterproof smocks and help hose the dog down. "Bubba doesn't stink anymore," says Josie.
  • Jill and Derick attend a Bradley class on childbirth. "Derick has really shown that he is an awesome coach," says Jill. Michelle encourages her daughter to say calm during labor.
  • In Washington D.C., Anna and the kids are sewing a curtain to cover the front door window of Jessa and Ben's house. Josh and Anna lived in that house for almost five years, and they used Josh's bathrobe to cover the window because they never got around to installing a curtain.
  • Mackynzie and Michael each take a turn sitting on Anna's lap as she sews. Michael has a few close calls with the needle, but no one ends up in the emergency room.
  • Back in Arkansas, Joy-Anna updates the jurisdiction list (ie chore list). While the older kids aren't too enthusiastic about their jurisdictions, Josie is thrilled to be in charge of gathering the laundry. Michelle runs behind her as she pushes the cart around the house and picks up loose clothing.  

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