Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Thursday, July 16, 2015

19 Kids and Counting Update:

Please go to the link below to see the Duggar Family statements about the show. http://www.duggarfamily.com/2015/7/duggar-family-statement.  

We have been watching the show since "14 Kids and Pregnant again"  to now "19 Kids and Counting", We have seen the births of Jackson, Johanna, Jenifer, Jordyn, Josie's tragic birth, Mackynzie, Micheal, Marcus and Israel, We have seen the heart breaking experience or Grandpa Duggar's death and the miscarriage of Jubilee. We have seen Josh propose to Anna, Derick propose to Jill and Ben propose to Jessa. We have seen all three of their weddings and seen the closeness of the sister through the girls weddings! We have seen the little ones grow up and Joy step up to the plate as her older sister's move out. Through all of this we have gotten to know and love this family. 

Please tell TLC we want them back. 

Yes,even though the show might stop we will continue to blog about the girls and their lives as much as possible! 

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