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Duggar Girls

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Recap: "A Toast to Love"

On last nights episode "A Toast to Love"

  • Derick is finally returning home to Northwest Arkansas after spending two years doing humanitarian work in Nepal. Jill enlists her army of siblings to design posters and blow up balloons to prepare to meet Derick and his mom at the airport.
  • "I've never seen Jill so excited about anything," says Jim Bob.
  • Jim Bob and the Jill are the only Duggars who have met Derick. "I feel like I know him because Jill talks about him all the time," says Michelle. "Of course Jill has explained more than I would ever need to know about Derick and what a great guy he is."
  • When the Duggar welcome crew arrives at the airport, Jill lines everyone up and grabs a heart sign that reads "I've waited 60 days for this moment." Derick's brother and stepfather are also there.
  • When Derick comes into view, he and Jill run to meet each other and engage in a full-on hug.
  • "I think the intentions were to do a side hug, but I think they both were caught off guard," says Michelle, smiling. "Needless to say, they probably won't let that happen again."
  • Derick, who says the experience was "a bit overwhelming," gives side hugs to the rest of Jill's family. Four-year-old Josie asks him if he is going to marry Jill.
  • Jim Bob and Michelle take Jill and Jessa and their boyfriends out for a triple date. "Tonight I have planned a special triple date for all of the Duggar couples to get to know on another better," says Michelle.
  • Jim Bob, Michelle, Jill, and Jessa Duggar, Derick Dillard, and Ben Seewald enjoy a meal and an etiquette class at the beautiful home of a local family and their dog, George W. During dinner, Ben makes "a toast to love."
  • Later, while Jim Bob and Michelle are out of the house, the Duggar kids prepare a dinner theater for their parents. Jana is in charge of the operation.
  • Joy-Anna's job is to teach "Jesus Loves Me" to the five youngest, and she brings in cousin Amy Duggar to help.
  • Joseph, Derick, and Ben construct the stage, while Jessa and Jinger make dinner (steak, sweet potato fries, salad, rolls, and asparagus) and the rest of the kids clean the house.
  • When Jim Bob and Michelle arrive home, they are pleasantly surprised by all the work the kids have put into the Duggar Dinner Theater. While Mom and Dad enjoy their dinner, the kids perform music and skits, and Jeremiah recites a touching poem thanking his parents for investing in their kids' lives

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