Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Friday, May 23, 2014

Recap: "Something New"/"Couples' Weekend"

             19 Kids and Counting: "Something New"

  • The Duggar children are accomplished musicians, but Jim Bob and Michelle admit they are not as musical. To kick off the show, Joy-Anna gives Michelle a violin lesson.
  • The kids hold a secret meeting to plan a dinner theater for Mom and Dad. Jana heads the operation and delegates tasks to her siblings.
  • "We still have some things to figure out...but with a few weeks left, hopefully we will be able to pull off something great," says Jana.
  • Jessa and Jinger head down to Hot Springs, Arkansas, for a cooking lesson with Ben Seewald's sisters, Jessica and Danielle. The girls prepare one of Ben's favorite meals, Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and apple pie with ice cream.
  • Should Ben expect Jessa to prepare a home cooked meal every night? According to Michelle, "expectations ruin relationships."
  • "There may be some TV dinners," says Jim Bob.
  • While cooking, Jessa learns that Ben is "very methodical and systematic" and that he snores. Jessica and Danielle ask Jessa if they should be expecting any "exciting news." Jessa's response? "Ask Ben!"
  • When Ben comes home and tries the meal, he approves.
  • Meanwhile, Jana and Joseph spend time with Josh and Anna in Washington D.C. The crew heads to the mountains to go downhill skiing.
  • Josh and Joseph hit the slopes, while Anna takes Mackynzie and Michael for a ski lesson. Anna forgets to put on her snow gear, so she ends up skiing in a skirt for a couple hours before changing. Later, Josh and Anna head out on a ski date.

19 Kids and Counting "Couples' Weekend"

  • Jana, Jill, and Jessa attend a birth. Jill acts as the primary midwife under supervision, Jana assists, and Jessa snaps pictures for the couple.
  • Jim Bob and Michelle visit a specialist to evaluate Michelle health and her ability to have more children. Michelle says she is content not having any more children, but if it is God's will to bless her with another child, she wants to know how her body will react.
  • Michelle takes a blood test to determine if her body is going through menopause. Find out the results in next week's episode.
  • Ben and Jessa fly out to Washington D.C., and Jinger goes along as their chaperone.
  • Josh takes Ben to the gym to work out and drills him with questions. "Yah, I'm not going to go easy on him," admits Josh.
  • Later, the crew takes a trolley ride to show Ben the city. "The trip was so much fun," says Jessa. "We really had a great time together."

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