Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Recap: "Going the Distance for Love"

On last night's episode of 19 kids and counting:
  • Before Jim Bob and Jill head out for the airport, Jill receives a romantic, handwritten letter from Derick.
  • Derick grew up 30 minutes from the Duggars in Rogers, Arkansas, earned an accounting degree at Oklahoma State University, and then spent two years doing humanitarian work in Nepal. Update: he is now in Seminary.
  • How did Derick and Jill become friends? Jim Bob set them up! After getting to know Derick as a prayer partner, Jim Bob gave him Jill's number and encouraged him to give her a call.
  • Jill texted and video chatted with Derick for three months before traveling 8,000 miles to meet him in person. "Even for a Duggar, this is pretty weird," says Jana.
  • After traveling 36 hours, Jim Bob and Jill finally arrive in Katmandu, Nepal. "My anticipation is through the roof," says Jill, who is trying not to get her hopes up but admits she would be very sad if things didn't work out with Derick.
  • When Derick comes into view, Jill runs to give him a side hug, and he gives her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  • "I couldn't believe it," says Derick. "I thought I was still dreaming. I've never been that excited before."
  • The next day, Derick takes Jim Bob and Jill sightseeing. "I'm excited to explore this area with Derick, mostly because I get to spend time with him," says Jill.
  • "I really felt like a third wheel," admits Jim Bob. He stays 20 feet behind the couple, so as not to "disrupt their relationship." Jim Bob wants to get to know his potential son-in-law but also wants Jill to be able to spend time talking with Derick one-on-one.
  • "Jill is ultimately the one in charge of the relationship, but I know she values my input," says Jim Bob.
  • Back at home, Josie has a meltdown, and Michelle has to remind her that "the world does not revolve around Josie."
  • Michelle takes Jessa out to Mama Carmen's coffee shop to talk about Ben. "It's been good," says Jessa. "I'm missing him though. I haven't seen him for about five days." Although Ben lives three-and-a-half hours south, he and Jessa see each other twice a month.
  • Jessa values the time she gets to spend with her mom. "She's not just my mom, but she's also one of my best, closest friends."
  • At the end of the show, Derick pulls Jim Bob aside and seeks his blessing to ask Jill to begin a courtship.
  • "I know Jill really likes you," Jim Bob tells Derick. "I wish Michelle was here, too, so I could talk to her." But he ends up granting Derick permission. "I really feel that if Jill is fine with this, then Mom and I will be fine with it," Jim Bob adds, giving Derick a quick side hug. 
  • Here's Jill's take on the situation: "At this point, I'm really enjoying getting to know him. But if Derick asked me to court him, I don't know, actually. I'm still praying a lot."

Tune in next week to hear the rest of the story!

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