Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Recap: "Wedding Bells"

  • Jinger Duggar takes on the job of packing for the family to make trip to see the Bates and go to there daughter Erin's wedding. Everyone agrees that it is taking Jessa longer to get a job done so that is why Jinger is taking the job of packing while John David says "Jessa is preoccupied."
  •   Ben Seewald (courting Jessa) and his mother come along on this trip.

  • Three of the Duggar boys watch Ben help with loading the bus. Ben says " I just want to be useful wherever I can be" Meanwhile Jessa is upstairs gathering her stuff. 
  • The Duggar girls make a gag gift for Erin because her family jokes with her and says she can't cook. So the Duggar girls get a fire alarm, a fire douser and a cookbook with takeout menus, gift cards and easy recipes.  They also explan that Erin is one of there dearest friends. 
  •   Erin and her fiancĂ© Chad Pain take Jessa and courter Ben Seewald to there new home 5 miles away.
  •              Gil Bates ( Erin's father)  says there has been many a tearful night. When Erin and her sister are realizing that they won't be able to have late night talks with each other anymore Gil assures her she can come over anytime and have sleepovers " I don't think Chad will like me to come over without him." She replies.  
  • Jana Duggar says " He is so romantic just perfect for each other!"
  • The Day before the wedding Erin and her sister Carlin have a special moment. Carlin is explaning to Erin how she feels like she is loosing her best friend. Erin tells her " Your not loosing me, because I am still here I am just going home with someone else." Carlin trying not to cry the whole time can't hold it back anymore. They have a sweet sister bonding time.
  • During an interview with Carlin she explans how she and Erin have been best friends. "I hope I can make it down the aisle without crying!" 
  • Jana and Jill become Erin personal assistants with getting dressed.
  • Before Erin walks down the aisle Jana, Jill and Erin have a short prayer to calm Erin's nerves.
  • At the end of the Wedding Erin and Chad share there first kiss!!!

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