Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Joy-Anna Duggar

Joy,16, is very caring.  She is "sandwiched" in between boys, 2 above her and 6 below her! She is in Jill's buddy team which includes: Jill, James and Jennifer.  Her birthday is October 28, 1997.
Here are some fun facts:
Favorite Bible Verse: Revelation 22:21
Favorite Bible Character: Ruth
Favorite Song: I'll Fly Away
Favorite Game: Signals
Favorite Episode: Duggars Make a Movie
Jurisdictions: Clean Girls Room and Sewing Closet
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite School Subject: Language Arts
Fun Fact: Joy was the youngest girl for 7 years before Johannah was born.
Favorite Past-time: Riding the tandem bike with my brothers
Favorite Family Trip: Adventures in Odyssey (Colorado Springs, CO)
Future Plans: Be a wife and mother some day



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