Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Friday, April 25, 2014

Duggars in Big Sandy (Photos)

Michael boards the plane to Big Sandy
Josh, Anna and the kiddos are heading to Texas
Michelle and Jim Bob spend time with Josie and Michael
Jim Bob and Michelle with Jason, who celebrated his 14th
birthday on April 21
Jessa keeps up with friend, Ben Seewald via face time
Jill and Jessa enjoy some pickles, a Duggar family favorite
Jordyn-Grace and Jennifer
Jordyn-Grace and Josie
Joy-Anna and Carlin
And here are some random pictures of the Duggar clan:
 Jill and fiance Derick reenact their engagement
 Derick and Jill

 Jana, Jill, and Joy-Anna

 Jedidiah and Josie
Duggar wedding planning!
 Jessa (new hairdo!) and Ben
 Jinger and Joy-Anna
Twins John-David and Jana  
 Jordyn-Grace and Josie
Joy-Anna and Mackynzie

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