Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Duggar Girl Name Meanings

Michelle Annette

    Michelle: Who resembles God

    Annette: Gracious
Anna Renee

    Anna: Gracious

    Renee: Reborn

Jana Marie

    Jana: God is gracious

    Marie: Bitter sea

Jill Michelle

    Jill: Youthful 

    Michelle: Who resembles God

Jessa Lauren

    Jessa: God beholds

    Lauren: Crowned with laurel

Jinger Nicole

    Jinger: Pep; liveliness

    Nicole: Victory of the people
    Joy: Rejoicing 

   Anna: Gracious


Johannah Faith

    Johannah: God is gracious

    Faith: To trust


Jennifer Danielle

    Jennifer: Pure and yielding

    Danielle: God is my judge

Jordyn-Grace Makiya

    Jordyn: Flowing down

    Grace: God’s favor

    Makiya: (from Makya: Eagle hunter)

Mackynzie Renee

    Mackynzie: Fair; favored one

    Renee: Reborn

Josie Brooklyn

    Josie: God will add

    Brooklyn: Brook, stream

Jubilee Shalom: Joyful celebration of peace

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