Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Recap "Graduation & a Surprise"

  • The Duggars are preparing to celebrate Josiah's high school graduation...with 400 guests. "He is such a people person," says Michelle, who admits she is not surprised by the number of friends and family members who are coming to help celebrate. Josiah sent out 300 invitations. According to Jim Bob, it will be the biggest Duggar party ever.

  • At age 17, Josiah is the 8th Duggar to graduate from high school.

  • What does the rest of the Duggar clan have to say about Josiah?  "He has a really giving spirit," says Jason.

  • "I like Josiah because he gives me lots of candy," says James. Jessa agrees. And if you have been a longtime viewer, you know that Josiah is a practical joker.

  • In Washington D.C., Anna and the kids head to the grocery store to purchase ingredients for a holiday meal for the entire Duggar family. She is able to feed everyone for under $4 a person.

  • When Josh gets home, Anna asks for his help preparing for the family's visit. She hopes to have the basement bedroom cleared out and painted for Josh's parents. Then Anna gets a call from Jim Bob, who says they drove through the night to avoid bad weather and will be arriving in five hours, a day earlier than expected.

  • Josh and a friend are hard at work fixing up the basement bedroom, while Anna is scrambling to get the food ready on time. "I can rarely remember my family being early to anything," says Josh, but he admits it usually involves food.

  • As the family rings the doorbell, smoke is pouring out of the oven, and the smoke detector is screeching. Watch next week's episode to find out how it all turns out!

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