Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Recap: "A Reveal to Remember"

19 Kids and Counting, "A Reveal to Remember":

  • The DC Duggars finally make it to Chicago after an 800-mile RV trip. They arrive at the home of David and Priscilla Waller, Anna's brother-in-law and sister, and are greeted by a "Welcome to Chicago" sign hanging on the front door.

  • Priscilla is pregnant with her second child and is getting ready to announce the baby's gender, so the Duggars and Wallers head over to a neighbor's house for a gender reveal party. Guests share whether they think the baby is a boy or a girl by wearing either blue or pink.

  • Priscilla says she would have been happy making the announcement to family and friends in a more conventional way but that her husband was set on having a gender reveal party.

  • During the party, everyone gathers around to watch David and Priscilla's son, Paul, rip the tape off a cardboard box. Pink balloons are released into the air. It's a girl!
  • "I am so excited about having a girl," says Priscilla.

  • "I am especially happy because David wore a pink shirt, and it really would have been an embarrassment to him if he wasn't right," jokes Josh.

  • The next day, the two families pile into the Duggars' RV and drive into downtown Chicago.

  • "This is Chicago for crying out loud. This is a piece of cake," says Josh, who has driven an even larger vehicle through the streets of Manhattan.

  • They are able to find parking directly in front of the entrance to the Willis Tower Skydeck. They take the elevator up to the Skydeck, where they walk out on a glass ledge 1,353 feet above street level. For lunch, the Duggars and Wallers visit a kitchen where they make their own deep dish pizza.
  • On day three, Anna and Priscilla leave the kids with the dads and head to a consignment shop to pick out clothes for Priscilla's baby girl. "It was neat just telling her how fun it will be for Paul to have a little sister," shares Anna. "It does get easier in some ways because your children can entertain each other instead of Mommy and Daddy being all of the entertainment."

  • Meanwhile, Josh and David haul all four kids to a hardware store to buy supplies for their upcoming camping trip. "It was not easy to shop with four kids," admits Josh.

  • On day four, the Duggars and Wallers load into the RV and depart for Indiana Dunes State Park.

  • "I tented one time as a kid in my backyard, and it was a horrifying experience," reveals Anna.
  •  "We had a raccoon digging at the end of the tent where my feet were, and it horrified me." David and Priscilla are veteran campers.

  • After setting everything up at the campground, Josh and David hop on a chartered boat to catch fish for dinner. But don't worry; Anna and Priscilla have packed extra food as a backup plan.

  • Josh and David hold a contest to determine who the best fisherman is. David catches a fish that weighs 7 pounds, 4 ounces, and Josh reels in a much smaller fish, which, according to Indiana state law, is too small to keep. 
  • "It doesn't really matter who caught the biggest fish," says Josh. "It just matters if we had a good time." The men take the fish back to their wives and cook it over an open fire.

  • As the episode comes to a close, Anna takes a pregnancy test. "My heart is definitely to leave the size of our family in God's hands, but I'm the fifth born, so that's at least a good start," says Anna. "That's a pretty small family," responds Josh.

  • The pregnancy test comes back negative. Anna is not expecting. 
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