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Duggar Girls

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Jessa's Engagment" Recap

 "Jessa's Engagement"
  • Since Ben Seewald moved into the Duggars' guest house to work for Jim Bob, he and Jessa's relationship has been progressing much quicker than when they lived three-and-a-half hours apart. "The more I have gotten to know this man, the more I have fallen in love with him," says Jessa.
  • Ben approaches Jim Bob and asks for his permission to propose to Jessa, and Jim Bob grants it.
  • "I think you all will make a great couple, and I think the Lord is in this," says the Duggar dad. "You have Michelle and I's blessing."
  • Ben asks every Seewald and Duggar, including Josh and Anna, to be a part of the proposal. (Jill and Derick are unable to participate, but they stay in the loop via texting.)
  • To kick off his scavenger hunt proposal, Ben invites Jessa on a double date with Jim Bob and Michelle but surprises her by inviting his parents, as well. "Something must be up," Jessa says. The three couples head to Marketplace, the restaurant Jessa and Ben ate at on their first date. 
  • Jim Bob asks everyone to hold hands while he prays over the meal. Ben grabs Jessa's hand, even though Jessa and Ben have decided to save handholding until engagement. "That was actually the first time that we have ever held hands," says Jessa. "It was pretty special."
  • Josh and Anna surprise Ben and Jessa by arranging to pay for the meal. The server brings a gift for Jessa, the first gift that Ben has ever wrapped. He admits that the wrapping job is far from perfect. 
  •  "I couldn't have done better myself," says Jim Bob. "He's right," affirms Michelle.
  • Ben tells Jessa that the gift is the first clue to the rest of her life but tells her to wait until the following morning to open it. "I was dying to open that package," says Jessa.
  • The next morning, Jessa unwraps the box to find a tablet with a video message from Ben telling Jessa and Jinger to take an airplane ride with John-David to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
  • Joseph picks them up on the other end and drops them off at a mini golf course. He hands Jessa a written clue that says she must get a hole-in-one.
  • After mini golfing, Jessa must board a trolley and identify pictures of Washington D.C. monuments, a task that symbolizes the trolley tour she and Ben took while visiting Josh and Anna.
  • Jessa's next task is to gather a dozen roses scattered around a park.
  • Meanwhile, the Duggars and the Seewalds head to Eureka Springs to decorate Thorncrown Chapel, a glass chapel in the Ozarks where Ben will propose to Jessa. The two families help Ben scatter candles and rose petals to prepare for Jessa and Ben's big moment.   
  •  Next, Jessa and Jinger join the Duggars and Seewalds for a train ride. Jessa was excited to see her families but was sad to find out that Ben wasn't with them. Michael Seewald, Ben's dad, stayed behind at the chapel to give his son a pep talk.
  • After the train ride, Jessa and Jinger meet up with Joseph, who chauffeurs them to Thorncrown Chapel. "Walking in there, I was totally speechless," says Jessa. "I felt like I was in a dream."
  • Jinger assumes her role as chaperone by sitting down at the back of the chapel to watch the proposal unfold.
  • "I trust you have had a wonderful journey today, but I trust by the grace of God that another journey is about to begin," Ben tells Jessa as she reaches the front of the chapel. He gets down on one knee and pops the question: "Jessa Lauren, will you marry me?
  • Jessa tears up as she gives her answer: YES!
  • Ben slips the ring on Jessa's finger, and the engaged couple shares a frontal hug.
  • "It's beautiful," says Jessa, looking down at her ring finger. The two grab hands for the second time ever.
  • "I am thrilled at the thought of spending the rest of my life with Ben Seewald," says Jessa.
  • They announce the news to their families and receive a lot of hugs and well wishes. "This proposal is setting the bar just one notch higher," says Jinger. 

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