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Duggar Girls

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"D.C. Duggars Hit The Road" Recap

"DC Duggars Hit the Road" 

  • Josh and Anna and their kiddos gather clothing (60 outfits and 100 pairs of socks) and toys to prepare for their road trip in a 1998 RV. (Buy used, save the difference" is a Duggar mantra.)
  • "Growing up, my family had an RV," says Josh. "It was a blast. We really enjoyed it. As a father now, I want to be able to have our kids sharing memories."
  • Day 1: Josh attempts to start the RV and discovers that the batteries are dead. When the mechanics arrive, they decide to replace the batteries, which have just been replaced, and take the RV to their shop to run diagnostic tests. In a matter of hours, the vehicle is ready to go, and the Duggars depart on their road trip.
  • Josh and Anna stop at a fruit stand in Pennsylvania Amish country. The woman behind the counter is Mennonite and describes the differences between the Mennonites and the Amish. The Duggars spend the night at the Loose Caboose Campground. 
  • Day 2: Josh and Anna and the kids head to Gettysburg, where they are greeted by General Mike, who gives them a tour of the grounds. For Mackynzie and Michael, the highlight of Gettysburg is the big rocks that they can climb on. "Super big much fun!" shouts Michael with glee.
  • Next, the Duggars dress up in clothing from the Civil War era and take a family picture at a Victorian photography studio. The vintage camera equipment requires them to sit still for 13 seconds while the picture is processed. The photograph turns out great, save for Marcus's blurry face. 
  • Day 3: Josh and Anna elect to take the scenic route, which requires them to drive 20 miles-per-hour. Anna keeps the kids occupied by playing games and singing. They stop at the World's Largest Coffee Pot.
  • In the middle of the drive, the power steering suddenly goes out. "My family sort of has a history of mechanical failures on RV trips," says Josh. Between Duggar road trips and fixing cars for his used car lot, Josh is an experienced mechanic.
  • Day 4: The Duggars stop at the Topiary Park in Columbus, Ohio, and then head to the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. At the fair, the Duggars try a donut burger, which is a burger on a donut. "We've started our trip with vegetables and fruits to snack on, and now we've come to this," says Anna, chuckling.
  • Day 5: The family stops at a farm, where they watch the birth of a calf. "We definitely want to have more children, but watching the mama cow in labor made me thankful that I wasn't pregnant yet."
  • As they approach Chicago, the Duggars stop at Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket in Willowbrook, Illinois. Anna asks the waitress how the chicken is prepared and is invited back into the kitchen to assist the chef. They show her the technique but will not reveal the secret recipe. "I was a little disappointed that Anna wasn't able to get the secret recipe."
  • The road trip ends in Chicago, where Anna's sister Priscilla is about to have the gender reveal party for her second child. Tune in next week for more!

    Have you visited any of the attractions mentioned in this episode?

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