Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Recap: "Behind the Scenes" and "Anna's Having A..."

19 Kids and Counting "Behind the Scenes"
Members of the 19 Kids and Counting film crew share their experiences working with the Duggars. 

Courtney Enlow, Coordinating producer
-Has worked with the Duggars since "14 Children and Pregnant Again" aired more than 10 years ago.
-Courtney says the kids are very well behaved but that she is not afraid to speak sternly if a child is doing something that is dangerous or against family rules.

Scott Enlow (Uncle Scott), Director and Photographer
-Has also been part of the camera crew for more than a decade (married to Courtney).
-Scott says taking family pictures of the Duggars is a struggle. "Getting them all on the same page to do anything is difficult."
-Scott jokes that when a child is misbehaving, he tells them: "You listen to me because I have been in this family longer than you have."

Jim Goodwin (Uncle Jim), Sound Man
-Has been a member of the crew for several years.
-"This is probably the best job I have ever had," says Jim. "The family is truly a delight to work with. The children are very open with us."

John Rotan, Camera Man
-Has worked on the set since June 2009.
-"They are the most fun group of kids and adults I have ever met," says John Rotan. He also says that the crew has "built up quite an immune system working on this show," recalling a chicken pox epidemic that hit the Duggar family a few years ago.  
  • Jim Bob says that when the crew first came into his home more than 10 years ago, he was nervous about allowing his kids to be around strangers. Now, the Duggars have full trust in the members of the crew.
  • Often, the crew hears big news, such as the gender of a baby, before the rest of the family. "They probably know more about our family than we do sometimes," says John Duggar.
  • "There have been attempts to extract secrets by bribery," says Jim the sound man.
  • A few years ago, the crew enjoyed handing their equipment over to the children and allowing them to tape an episode of the show. "The kids have just absorbed so much wisdom and information from our film crew because they are so good at what they do," says Michelle.
  • The crew has also learned a lot from watching the Duggars parent 19 kids. "Michelle is probably the most patient person you will ever meet," says Courtney. "She runs a great house. She runs a tight ship."
  • The crew especially enjoys going overseas with the Duggars. While they were in China, Courtney's water broke, and she delivered her baby. Jana and Jill were by her side through the entire delivery.
  • The Duggars all agree that the crew does a fantastic job at filming and producing the show.
19 Kids and Counting "Anna's Having A..."
  • Ultrasound technicians come to Josh and Anna's home to perform an ultrasound. They write the baby's gender on a piece of paper and place it in a sealed envelope. Josh and Anna then head to Arkansas and hand the envelope off to Sierra, who is planning a gender reveal party.
  • Josh and Anna stop by their old house, where Jessa and Ben are now living. Then they leave the kids with Jim Bob and Michelle and fly to California, where Josh has a commitment.
  • In California, Josh and Anna walk along Santa Monica Pier. Anna is afraid of Ferris wheels, so Josh takes her on one so she can conquer her fear. Then, Josh rides a trapeze.
  • During their trip, Josh and Anna visit Angels Way Maternity Home, a residence for homeless women who are pregnant.
  • Back in Arkansas, Sierra enlists the Duggars to help her set up for the gender reveal party. They make signs to put up along the road leading to the Duggars' gate. Then they take 200 pink flamingos and paint half of them blue, so they can "flock the yard."
  • On the day of the party, Sierra and her husband and four children come over to do the final setup. Josh and Anna arrive, and the entire family prepares to find out the gender together. A few of the family members release pink confetti. It's a girl!

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