Duggar Girls

Duggar Girls

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jill's Secret Recap:

On Last Night's Episode of 19 Kids and Counting:

  • Jill and Derick are really enjoying married life. It's an adjustment for Jill, who is used to a significantly more chaotic life than she now lives. As expected, the new Mrs. Dillard often cooks more food than she and Derick can eat, so her freezer is full.
  • "We are settling in," says Jill. "It's really nice just to have a cozy home."
  • With Jessa engaged to Ben, it's time to start planning another Duggar wedding. Like Jill and Derick, Jessa and Ben plan to keep costs down.
  • Accompanied by chaperones, Jessa and Ben head over to Josh and Anna's old house, which is where they will be living after they tie the knot. They quickly realize that the master bedroom is infested with mold.
  • Both Jill and Jessa are renting homes from their parents. Why did Jill and Derick get a three-story mansion, while Jessa and Ben's home only has two bedrooms and one bathroom? Derick is a tax accountant at Walmart, and the house that he and Jill are renting is close to his office.
  • Jessa assures viewers that she doesn't mind having a smaller home. In fact, she is happy to have fewer rooms to clean.
  • When Jana and Jill had their wisdom teeth removed several years ago, Joy was their dedicated nurse. Now it's Joy's turn to have surgery, and the five youngest Duggars are eager to keep her supplied with ice packs and snacks while she recovers.
  • Jill goes shopping for dress-up clothes to prepare for a sleepover with her little sisters. Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie are thrilled to spend time with Jill and Derick.
  • After putting on their dress-up clothes, Jill and Derick and the girls have a chocolate fondue party. Then, it's time to paint nails. "Derick is doing great," says Jill. "He is really good with kids."
  • Before putting the girls to bed, Derick reads a Bible passage. "I enjoy spending time with the little girls, just trying to get used to fatherhood," he says.
  • Back at the Duggars', Jessa gathers with her mom, grandma, and sisters to order coral bridesmaids dresses. She chooses a style is already modest and hopefully will not require alterations.
  • "If they don't like them, they are only going to be in them for a couple hours, so they'll live," says Jessa.
  • 30 days into their marriage, Jill and Derick head over for a surprise visit to Jill's family's house. They join in on Bible time, and then Jill makes a "confession."
  • "Yesterday I kind of took something, stole something," she says. She proceeds to tell her family how she took a pregnancy test from her mom's bathroom cabinet, and it was positive!
  • The Duggars are thrilled. The living room erupts with clapping, cheering, hugs, and kisses.
  • When Jill and Derick pick up the phone to call Josh and Anna, Anna answers the phone with, "Are you pregnant?" When Jill confirms that she is, Josh and Anna are overjoyed.

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